Thursday, May 19, 2016

Current Favorites: Face Mask Edit

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Ever since I got engaged I've been taking better care of my skin and now that I'm married that hasn't stopped.  I use face masks weekly (sometimes daily!), but I am always switching up what brands I use and what kind of mask I use, but these few are my constant favorites.

I go between using sheet masks and regular face masks because they all have different results and effects.

Valentia's Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask* smells just like cranberries and feels very refreshing on the face.  It has Kaolin Clay in it which detoxifies your skin drawing out impurities and leaving skin brighter and smoother.  It also has anti-aging plants stem cells and Vitamin C to help protect against UV rays and free radicals.  This mask has everything you need in one generously sized pot (this thing will last you forever!).  I've noticed a change in my skin already after using it once or twice a week for a week or two.

Valentia has generously offered my readers 35% off of their products (so you can try more than just this mask!) by using the code REFRESH35.  This is not an affiliate code and I do not get anything for you using it, you just get the benefit of a great deal.  This code will only be available until 05/31/2016.
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Here's that mask in action on my Snapchat (@effulgentlove).

I love these two masks from Glossier and typically use the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and then the Moisturizing Moon Mask right after it. 
Mega Greens detoxifies your skin and mildly exfoliates it.  It smells just like the white clay that it has in it to purify your pores.
Moisturizing Moon is great to use right after because it brightens and hydrates your skin ultimately leaving you feeling squeaky clean and bright, but not tight.  You can use this mask on its on as well when your skin is feeling particularly parched.

I have become addicted to the Lush Fresh Face Masks over the past few months.  
Love Lettuce smells like tea tree oil and is bright green on the face.  It is great for exfoliation which brightens my skin and for balancing my sometimes oily t-zone.
Cosmetic Warrior also smells like tea tree, but also just smells clean.  It helps to sooth my sensitive skin and is particularly helpful around the time I get my period to treat and prevent breakouts.
Oatifix smells like banana bread and oatmeal cookies.  It is perfect for hydrating dry skin and sloughing away dead skin cells.

I grabbed this shot of the Love Lettuce mask on from my snapchat too!

Last, but not least are these sheet masks.  I love that these just take 5 minutes to use and you get such a variety in this one pack.  They may look actually terrifying when you are wearing them, but the results are worth it.
This particular pack from Patchology came with the Hydrate FlashMasque, Exfoliate FlashMasque, and the Illuminate FlashMasque.
I particularly love the hydrating mask because my skin is always so dang dry!

All of these masks do not irritate my sensitive skin so they should be good for just about anyone!
Let me know your favorite masks in the comments below.

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disclaimer:  I was sent the Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask by Valentia.  This post is powered by BrandBacker.  All items marked with an * I did not purchase myself and may have been given to me or sent by PR or a company for consideration.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.