Thursday, October 29, 2015

#TBT Halloween Edit

Hello There!

Since today is Throwback Thursday and in two days it will be Halloween I thought it would be fun to share just a few Halloween costumes I have worn over the years.

This one here is my brother and I as a cowboy and cowgirl when I was about 4 and he was about 2.  We used to do a lot of DIY when it came to our costumes with a few pieces bought at at store.
This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes from when I was little.

Here's one from High School.  My skirt that got cropped out of all these pictures is a really cool long white maxi with spider webs and spiders embroidered all over it.  I topped it with a white tank and orange bolero.

I wore that skirt for so many Halloweens because it is simple and I could wear thick leggings underneath.  

In College I created these bat costumes for my now fiance and I.  I bought us black sweatshirts and got some mesh black fabric at a craft store.  I trimmed the fabric to create a bat wing shape and did some simple stitches to attach the fabric to the sweatshirts.  I love this because after Halloween I took the stitches out so we could wear the sweatshirts for everyday (college budgeting!).

This last one I did for going to work at my last job a few years ago.  I had gotten back from Disney and had my ears and this cute Mickey sweater so I put them.
I then painted whiskers and added a mouse shaped nose onto mine in black gel liner.  I added a white shine mark to my nose by wetting a brush with some water and dipping it into the shadow, it worked well and stayed on all day.
I put on a bright matte red lipstick and added shine marks the same way as the nose to my top and bottom lip.
This was such an easy costume and was work appropriate.

I'll have a few last minute Halloween costume ideas going up tomorrow.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year or what was your favorite costume you've worn?

Until next time,