Thursday, October 29, 2015

For You Halloween Slackers: 4 Last Minute Costumes

Hello There!

Halloween is tomorrow and if you've been slacking on a costume and need to get one to wear to work or otherwise I have four quick ones you can whip up with things you may already have at your disposal.


For the Pumpkin I am wearing a shirt I bought on Etsy, but would be so easy to make with an orange shirt or sweatshirt and either iron on transfers or some fabric paint.  You could also just wear any orange colored top or cardigan.  I paired it plain black jeans from AE and flats.
You can do this up by wearing a pumpkin lipstick or doing up orange on your eyes or keep it more subdued with a simple eye and winged liner.

I also bought these adorable fabric earrings off of Etsy, but you could wear any black or orange ones or pick up a cute festive pair that drugstores usually have this time of year.

This look would also be so cute if you added some sort of pumpkin headband with a stem on it.  You can really customize this to make it work for you and what you have in your wardrobe or what might be easy and inexpensive to grab quickly.


I bought the Pusheen kigurumi as soon as it came out so that's what I am wearing here.  It is so dang cute and the hood has Pusheen's face and ears on it.
 You can make the cat yours by dressing in all black for a black cat, a bunch of colors for a calico, all white for a white kitty, or even rainbow for Nyancat.

I love this thing, it is so warm and cozy and look at the cute details on the back like the tail and stripes!

For my makeup I used black gel liner and a black gel pencil liner to draw on my nose, top lip, and whiskers.  I filled in my top lip with the black gel liner and my bottom lip with a pink liquid lipstick.
I messed up my hair a bit to give me a sort of lion's mane look which you could take a lot bigger than what I did if you want to go full on lion look for this.

Here's exactly what I used for my cat makeup look:Mary Kay's Gel Liner in black, Julep's Gel Eye Glider in blackest black, Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in Peony, and a cheap liner brush.  You can use any gel liner, a cheap liner brush, any pencil liner (I used a gel formula one), and any pink or red lipstick.

Minnie Mouse

For my Minnie Mouse I popped on my Minnie ears I got at Disney and a Mickey Sweater.  I put this on with some slouchy black pants from Fabletics, but this could be paired with a skirt for a more true Minnie look.
You could wear any black or red outfit and throw on some mouse ears to do this costume.

I did a very similar technique to the cat look with gel liner and the pencil liner for the nose and whiskers.  I added a red lip to this one and used white shadow to get the shine marks.

Here's exactly what I used to get this look: Meet Matte Nude by theBalm, Sephora's pencil liner in black, Mary Kay's Gel Liner in black, MAC's Retro Matte in Riri Woo (similar), and some very cheap makeup brushes.
I used the matte white shadow to do the shines, the matte red lip, and the gel liner and a thinner pencil liner to create the thinner mouse whiskers.

I couldn't resist grabbing the cat for a cat and mouse picture.  She clearly had other ideas and did not want to participate.

Heart Eye Emoji

For the last costume I did my rendition of the heart eye emoji.  

I wore this Wildfox sweater with it which is perfect for this costume.  You could really honestly wear whatever you want with this one since the whole costume is pretty much the face.

I made my hearts pink and matched them to my lipstick.  This was so easy to do and would be something you could throw on very quickly if you needed a costume in a pinch, plus you don't really have to paint your whole face yellow to get the point across.

I kept my same eye makeup I wore to work this day on and worked all of the costumes around it.  I painted the pink as close to my eyelids as possibly without actually going on them because I liked how that looked and it allows you to still have a bit of a glam eye for going out.

This is all I used to get my look, MAC's Viva Glam Miley 1 lipstick and a cream shadow brush from Sephora.
I will say I do not recommend using lipstick around your eye area, I concede that that was a very dumb idea as my eyes are pretty sensitive and were stinging a bit during this and even more when I tried to get this stuff off.
I would suggest creating this look by using some water in a pink powder shadow or getting a pink cream shadow and using that instead since it is actually made to go around and on your eye area.

To get all this mess off my face after each look I used YestoBlueberries makeup wipes and then Embryolisse  lait-creme concentre to cleanse my face and get the remaining makeup off (especially for the heart eyes).
I used MAC's Fix+ to wet the white shadow for the Minne Mouse costume.

I hope these help you if you're doing a last minute costume for today or tomorrow.


Let me know what you end up being for Halloween and have a safe and fun night!

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