Thursday, April 23, 2015

Everyday is Earth Day

Hello There!

I know Earth Day was yesterday, but we should celebrate the Earth as if Earth Day is everyday.
Protecting the planet should be a high priority for everyone not matter what day it happens to be.

Not matter what you do whether it is small or large it helps to keep our planet for future generations.
A few small things you can do is to remember to always use reusable bags when shopping and not just at the grocery store!  Use them everywhere you shop.
Reuse any items, for example old candle jars can be re-purposed into makeup brush holders, candy dishes, pen cups, etc.  

Larger scale things you can do are to really look at your carbon footprint and try to reduce it.  
If you can compost where you live then definitely do it!
If you have recycling where you live make an effort to make sure you're recycling everything you possibly can.

Small or large we all have a responsiblity to do something to help the Earth everyday!

Until Next Time,