Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bring on Spring: A Blogger Swap

Hello There!

To celebrate the start of Spring I signed up for Looking to the Stars's #BringOnSpringSwap.
I actually got paired with Erica, the blogger behind Looking to the Star's for the swap.

I love blogger swaps because they're a great way to get to know other bloggers and who doesn't love getting things in the mail?

So let's take a look at the goodies Erica sent me!

I love reading and I haven't read "The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks yet so I'm excited to read it!
The heart printed item is a photo album. It will be perfect for housing some of our engagement pictures that we're having taken in less than a month!
The "What I Like About You" book is seriously just too sweet. It's a book that I could write in and give to my fiance or he could and give it to me. The pages have lovey quotes in them and then pages to write things you like about someone. It's just the level of sappy that we like, private, but still meaningful.
I absolutely love tea and these are so good. The peach one is already becoming a new favorite! The flavors are perfect for spring too!
Okay so I teared up a little bit when I saw the seed packets. You may be thinking I'm crazy, but just hear me out. So, I've been having such a stressful time lately trying to plan our Wedding and I've just been wishing I had my Gram around to talk to (she passed away a few years ago). Well we used to call her Daisy so seeing this in the package was just like a little to perfect.
Shasta Daisies are now such an important symbol to me of everything my Gram was and it was just comforting to see them there (maybe I sound a bit nuts now...).

Onto something fun after I just hit you with that heavy, cat toys!

The cat is obsessed with those treats. Here she is scarfing a few down (gone in two seconds!).
She loves soft treats as well as anything chicken flavored so she is in heaven with these.

Action shot of the cat playing with the feather toy. Her favorite toys are ones with feathers on them and she loves this already.
She's looking pretty spry for a twelve year old cat!

Overall I'm so happy I signed up for this swap, it was such a fun experience.

You should definitely go over and check out Erica's blog, she's kinda amazing and she just moved into a new place!

Go show her some love on her blog, insta, facebook, twitter, and pinterest!

Until Next Time,