Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

Hello There!

We are now well into flu and cold season this winter and I am trying my very best not to get sick this year.
All my co-workers are getting sick with everything from stomach bugs to the flu.

So if you want to avoid wearing this hat...

...or maybe this sweater (though dang that looks comfy) then keep reading!

Wash Your Hands (A lot)!

Keep bacteria and viruses off your hands by washing not just often, but well.  If you can't get to soap and water then make sure you use an alcohol based hand sanitizer that can kill germs in the interim.

Get Plenty of Sleep
If you do not get enough sleep you are making your body more vulnerable to illness.  Get plenty of sleep to recharge and keep your body running!

Eat Well, Take Vitamins, and Drink Water.

Hot soup or broth can help soothe colds as can hot tea (especially green tea).  Popsicles can also help when your throat is feeling especially sore.
If it's a stomach bug then drinking water is particularly important so you do not get dehydrated and eating plain crackers or toast as well as anything with ginger in it can soothe your stomach.
Multivitamins help in general as a lot of the essential vitamins in these are great for boosting your immune system.


Even if all you do is 15 minutes and it is just some stretching or light yoga it has been proven that exercising even in a small capacity every day can help you prevent getting ill.
A brisk walk in chilly air can also help you feel a bit refreshed.

Keep Stress Down.

Make sure to keep stress levels down and when you get home from work/school take some time to decompress.
Maybe try some relaxing yoga poses, read a good book and have a cup of tea, or listen to your favorite playlist.
Even though the winter tends to keep us inside try to get out and see friends or do something outside your home if you are getting too overwhelmed.

Let me know what tips you have for getting through the Winter cold season illness-free.

Until Next Time,