Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tips for Staying Healthy this Winter

Hello There!

We are now well into flu and cold season this winter and I am trying my very best not to get sick this year.
All my co-workers are getting sick with everything from stomach bugs to the flu.

So if you want to avoid wearing this hat...

...or maybe this sweater (though dang that looks comfy) then keep reading!

Wash Your Hands (A lot)!

Keep bacteria and viruses off your hands by washing not just often, but well.  If you can't get to soap and water then make sure you use an alcohol based hand sanitizer that can kill germs in the interim.

Get Plenty of Sleep
If you do not get enough sleep you are making your body more vulnerable to illness.  Get plenty of sleep to recharge and keep your body running!

Eat Well, Take Vitamins, and Drink Water.

Hot soup or broth can help soothe colds as can hot tea (especially green tea).  Popsicles can also help when your throat is feeling especially sore.
If it's a stomach bug then drinking water is particularly important so you do not get dehydrated and eating plain crackers or toast as well as anything with ginger in it can soothe your stomach.
Multivitamins help in general as a lot of the essential vitamins in these are great for boosting your immune system.


Even if all you do is 15 minutes and it is just some stretching or light yoga it has been proven that exercising even in a small capacity every day can help you prevent getting ill.
A brisk walk in chilly air can also help you feel a bit refreshed.

Keep Stress Down.

Make sure to keep stress levels down and when you get home from work/school take some time to decompress.
Maybe try some relaxing yoga poses, read a good book and have a cup of tea, or listen to your favorite playlist.
Even though the winter tends to keep us inside try to get out and see friends or do something outside your home if you are getting too overwhelmed.

Let me know what tips you have for getting through the Winter cold season illness-free.

Until Next Time,

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Glowing Skin Secret!

Hello There!

Part of my New Year's resolution this year is to actually have a proper skin care regimen.
My skin is very sensitive so I always to try find products that have natural ingredients.
I stumbled upon InstaNatural's Vitamin C moisturizer and serum combo and decided to try them out.

I got them both online and you can get them here and here

A little bit of these goes a long way so you really only need about this much of each. 
The one on top is the serum and the bottom is the moisturizer.
The serum has a definite citrus scent to it where the moisturizer smells more like yeast (not sure why) and neither scent lingers at all once you have it on. 

The moisturizer features a pump type bottle which I prefer over a pot as it is more hygienic. 

The serum comes with a dropper to get the product out which is nice because you can ensure you're not over doing it when dispensing.

I used both of these as directed for a week and definitely noticed a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin.
This makes my skin so soft and did not break me out either in a rash or acne after using it.
I love that these products work so well and don't break the bank!
I will continue to use these as part of my overall skin regimen as they have worked as they've stated thus far.

If you want to check out more of InstaNatural's products you can head here.
You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay updated on any new products and promotions.

Let me know if you try them and what you think!

Until next time,

disclaimer: This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.  The product was provided by InstaNatural.  I was provided the items to honestly review.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Favorite Moments of 2014

Hello There!

I wanted to reflect back on 2014 before I get into some of my 2015 resolutions in a post to come next week.


I started off the year by attending a calligraphy class with my Mom and Aunt Jane.  It was so much fun and it helped me get better at a skill I've wanted for a long time.  My Aunt is already an amazing calligrapher, but it was a first for my Mom and I.


I cut all my hair off, a whole 8-9 inches!
I have not had short hair since high school, but I absolutely loved it.


My Mom, my Aunt's and I all drove down to D.C. for my cousin's wife's bridal shower.
We stopped into Georgetown Cupcakes while we were there and were not disappointed.
We helped set up and decorate for the shower and it was absolutely beautiful!


I turned 26!


I landed a new job this month that I am very happy with!
We went down to Florida for my cousin's wedding.
It was beautiful and so much fun (if not extremely hot).
We attended my brothers portfolio show which was amazing.
My brother graduated from college!  Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of him.


This month wasn't too big, you know, I only got ENGAGED!
I am so happy and excited and so was my Mom!
See more about the story here and how we met here!
Want to know about my engagement ring?  Check here and here!
I went to a bridal expo with my Mom and my Aunt's, it was so much fun!


I re-read the Harry Potter series for the first time since I read them initially when they first came out.


By this point in the year we'd ramped up wedding planning.
We looked into quite a few venues before we found ours (I've got a post coming on that process).
We had a great Thanksgiving at my Aunt's house this year with everyone.


We had an amazing Christmas and made it to my Dad's this year for Christmas Eve.
I got the best gift for Christmas from my future mother-in-law, she hand knitted me a kitty!
We also got to hang out with Jeremy's friends on both Christmas Eve and Christmas (officially asked them to be groomsmen as well, they said yes of course!).
We rang in the new year with having Jeremy's friends over for drinks and pizza and also began our official one year countdown to the Wedding at midnight!

The beginning of the year was very stressful, but the end was better than I could have ever hoped!
I cannot wait to see what this new year brings!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2014, here's to an amazing 2015!

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Magical Fast Hair Growth?

Hello There!

Okay, maybe no magic is involved for the hair growth, but that's what I wish for (fast results!)!
I loved my short hair for along time when I first chopped it all off back in April of 2014 to donate it and to just have an overall change.
Since getting engaged in September I have been wanting to grow my hair again so it is longer for my Wedding day hairstyle I want.

I'd been searching around and even tried some shampoos that claim they help to promote hair growth and it was all doing a little bit, but I wanted to see results a bit faster.

I decided to try out a biotin supplement as I have heard a lot about them.
I read up before trying any as you should before taking any vitamin and for me it appeared it would be safe to start a regimen.

I went with Zenwise Labs Hair Growth vitamins. 
 I bought them off of Amazon and you can get them here if you are so inclined.

I liked these because they are full of natural ingredients and are allergen-free.
I took them at lunch time after eating as directed and I took them for the full 30-days.
These definitely made my hair healthier, stronger, and helped promote growth, but for me they also seem to cause acne which was a pain to deal with.  This may not be the case for you, but know that it is a possibility.

I am happy with the results for my hair and nail health, but un-happy about my skin health.

If you are curious I recommend trying them, but definitely ask your doctor first, as you should before taking any new vitamin or supplement.
I also feel I should mention this has not yet been approved by the FDA, but that does not mean that they're bad or that they won't be.

For a bit of hair background, my natural hair is thick and wavy and I do not color it.  I also shampoo and condition it every or every other day.  I mainly heat style (blow dryer and a bit of straightener) in the winter months or for special events.  I had not gotten a hair cut since April when I started using these.

If you want to read more about these or any other Zenwise products just head on over to their website or Facebook page.

Until next time,

disclaimer: This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.  The product was provided by Zenwise Labs.  I was not paid to say anything about these products, I was provided the items to honestly review.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and successful New Year!

We have officially begun our one year countdown to our Wedding on 01/01/2016.
We know this year will be extremely busy, but also like no other year we'll ever have again in our lives.

Here's to a fantastic 2015 for everyone!

Until next time,