Thursday, October 29, 2015

For You Halloween Slackers: 4 Last Minute Costumes

Hello There!

Halloween is tomorrow and if you've been slacking on a costume and need to get one to wear to work or otherwise I have four quick ones you can whip up with things you may already have at your disposal.


For the Pumpkin I am wearing a shirt I bought on Etsy, but would be so easy to make with an orange shirt or sweatshirt and either iron on transfers or some fabric paint.  You could also just wear any orange colored top or cardigan.  I paired it plain black jeans from AE and flats.
You can do this up by wearing a pumpkin lipstick or doing up orange on your eyes or keep it more subdued with a simple eye and winged liner.

I also bought these adorable fabric earrings off of Etsy, but you could wear any black or orange ones or pick up a cute festive pair that drugstores usually have this time of year.

This look would also be so cute if you added some sort of pumpkin headband with a stem on it.  You can really customize this to make it work for you and what you have in your wardrobe or what might be easy and inexpensive to grab quickly.


I bought the Pusheen kigurumi as soon as it came out so that's what I am wearing here.  It is so dang cute and the hood has Pusheen's face and ears on it.
 You can make the cat yours by dressing in all black for a black cat, a bunch of colors for a calico, all white for a white kitty, or even rainbow for Nyancat.

I love this thing, it is so warm and cozy and look at the cute details on the back like the tail and stripes!

For my makeup I used black gel liner and a black gel pencil liner to draw on my nose, top lip, and whiskers.  I filled in my top lip with the black gel liner and my bottom lip with a pink liquid lipstick.
I messed up my hair a bit to give me a sort of lion's mane look which you could take a lot bigger than what I did if you want to go full on lion look for this.

Here's exactly what I used for my cat makeup look:Mary Kay's Gel Liner in black, Julep's Gel Eye Glider in blackest black, Too Faced's Melted Lipstick in Peony, and a cheap liner brush.  You can use any gel liner, a cheap liner brush, any pencil liner (I used a gel formula one), and any pink or red lipstick.

Minnie Mouse

For my Minnie Mouse I popped on my Minnie ears I got at Disney and a Mickey Sweater.  I put this on with some slouchy black pants from Fabletics, but this could be paired with a skirt for a more true Minnie look.
You could wear any black or red outfit and throw on some mouse ears to do this costume.

I did a very similar technique to the cat look with gel liner and the pencil liner for the nose and whiskers.  I added a red lip to this one and used white shadow to get the shine marks.

Here's exactly what I used to get this look: Meet Matte Nude by theBalm, Sephora's pencil liner in black, Mary Kay's Gel Liner in black, MAC's Retro Matte in Riri Woo (similar), and some very cheap makeup brushes.
I used the matte white shadow to do the shines, the matte red lip, and the gel liner and a thinner pencil liner to create the thinner mouse whiskers.

I couldn't resist grabbing the cat for a cat and mouse picture.  She clearly had other ideas and did not want to participate.

Heart Eye Emoji

For the last costume I did my rendition of the heart eye emoji.  

I wore this Wildfox sweater with it which is perfect for this costume.  You could really honestly wear whatever you want with this one since the whole costume is pretty much the face.

I made my hearts pink and matched them to my lipstick.  This was so easy to do and would be something you could throw on very quickly if you needed a costume in a pinch, plus you don't really have to paint your whole face yellow to get the point across.

I kept my same eye makeup I wore to work this day on and worked all of the costumes around it.  I painted the pink as close to my eyelids as possibly without actually going on them because I liked how that looked and it allows you to still have a bit of a glam eye for going out.

This is all I used to get my look, MAC's Viva Glam Miley 1 lipstick and a cream shadow brush from Sephora.
I will say I do not recommend using lipstick around your eye area, I concede that that was a very dumb idea as my eyes are pretty sensitive and were stinging a bit during this and even more when I tried to get this stuff off.
I would suggest creating this look by using some water in a pink powder shadow or getting a pink cream shadow and using that instead since it is actually made to go around and on your eye area.

To get all this mess off my face after each look I used YestoBlueberries makeup wipes and then Embryolisse  lait-creme concentre to cleanse my face and get the remaining makeup off (especially for the heart eyes).
I used MAC's Fix+ to wet the white shadow for the Minne Mouse costume.

I hope these help you if you're doing a last minute costume for today or tomorrow.


Let me know what you end up being for Halloween and have a safe and fun night!

Until Next Time,

disclaimer: All products I did not purchase for myself are marked with an *.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.

#TBT Halloween Edit

Hello There!

Since today is Throwback Thursday and in two days it will be Halloween I thought it would be fun to share just a few Halloween costumes I have worn over the years.

This one here is my brother and I as a cowboy and cowgirl when I was about 4 and he was about 2.  We used to do a lot of DIY when it came to our costumes with a few pieces bought at at store.
This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes from when I was little.

Here's one from High School.  My skirt that got cropped out of all these pictures is a really cool long white maxi with spider webs and spiders embroidered all over it.  I topped it with a white tank and orange bolero.

I wore that skirt for so many Halloweens because it is simple and I could wear thick leggings underneath.  

In College I created these bat costumes for my now fiance and I.  I bought us black sweatshirts and got some mesh black fabric at a craft store.  I trimmed the fabric to create a bat wing shape and did some simple stitches to attach the fabric to the sweatshirts.  I love this because after Halloween I took the stitches out so we could wear the sweatshirts for everyday (college budgeting!).

This last one I did for going to work at my last job a few years ago.  I had gotten back from Disney and had my ears and this cute Mickey sweater so I put them.
I then painted whiskers and added a mouse shaped nose onto mine in black gel liner.  I added a white shine mark to my nose by wetting a brush with some water and dipping it into the shadow, it worked well and stayed on all day.
I put on a bright matte red lipstick and added shine marks the same way as the nose to my top and bottom lip.
This was such an easy costume and was work appropriate.

I'll have a few last minute Halloween costume ideas going up tomorrow.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year or what was your favorite costume you've worn?

Until next time,

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Let's Talk Tuxes

Hello There!

Now that I have completed almost everything I need to for my Wedding that is less than three months away I wanted to start reflecting on various aspects of planning.

Today I am starting with the guys, specifically their attire.  We've already secured our suits and I'll talk more about that in another post, but I wish I knew about the ability to order suits online before I went with a local retailer.

Weddington Way who has done beautiful bridesmaids dresses has opened up The Gent Shop for all the guys needs.
You can fully customize the suits and coordinate them with a massive array of colors (over 75!).  They have chic suits in a whole host of styles for any type of occasion, from beach to formal.

They have an awesome concierge service that can help you match the suits to your bridesmaids dresses.  The service also helps you find tailors near you (and any of your guys) to get the best measurements so the suits fit perfectly and if it doesn't fit perfectly they'll overnight you a replacement.  Returning the suits could not be easier because they come with a prepaid mailer that you pop everything back into and just put in the mail.

The rentals are reasonably priced and you can rent shoes if you need those too.  They also have options for bowties as well as ties and a variety of vest colors to match the suits and ties.

I personally love the Dylan style suit, it's sharp and classic with a bit of an edge and very similar to the style I ended up putting all my guys in.

The gorgeous satin contrast on the lapel makes this suit slightly more modern than a typical classic tuxedo.

I love how perfectly this gorgeous short lace bridesmaid dress goes with the sharp suit.  You can do so much on Weddington Way to make your bridal party look sharp. 
For the guys it provides easy rentals that can be shipped back right at your mailbox without having to worry about running back to a store and for the girls it provides stylish dresses you can rent and a massive selection of dresses you can buy that take you from the Wedding to any event after that.

They also have section of dresses for all the various events as a bride you need to go to like the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, and Rehearsal Dinner.

I can't resist sharing a few more pictures of these gorgeous suits.

If you are in the stages of planning your Wedding or know someone who is tell them to check out Weddington Way for all their suit and dress needs.

Head here to check out the suits and here to check out the dresses.

Let me know your favorite looks and what else wedding related you might want to see from me.

Until next time,

disclaimer: I was approached by Weddington Way to talk about their new range of suits and of course I am talking about it because I fell in love with the suits and the ease of the website.  I was not paid to speak about the suits and did so because I wanted to let my readers know about this awesome service.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Find Yourself and Be You, Bravely!

Hello There!

I have two half siblings, one in middle school and one in high school.  While school now is so much different than when I was in there is some advice that transcends that.  With the new school year in full swing I thought I would share some big sisterly advice.


1) Respect yourself and respect others for being true to themselves.
Don't let others disrespect you or your friends, and equally as important don't disrespect others.
If a friend makes fun of someone for having a disability or their sexual orientation or whatever it may be, fight the urge to be agreeable and laugh with them, stand up for yourself and others and let them know that they don't have to like that person, but picking on them for differences is not okay.
If you feel compelled to make fun of someone else for whatever reason, take the time to think why you're making fun of them.  Are they different? Why are they so different? 
Wouldn't you accomplish so much more if instead of making fun of someone if you went up to them and introduced yourself?  Ask them about themselves?  Learn about them because you might just find something way more under their surface.

Two of my favorite phrases for any situations like these are: "You can't control others actions, you can only control your own actions" and "Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle".

2) Find friends who bring out your best qualities.
Really try to get a good group of friends that bring out your best you.  Don't just hang out with someone because they're "cool", hang out with them because they make you laugh or are a great friend and are loyal. 
Find friends who are actually friends and not friends who will blow you off or make fun of you because those are not qualities of a friend.
Don't let friends treat you any less than you deserve to be treated.

3) Find your style and rock it no matter what.
When I was in middle and high school I went through so many style changes to find my own.  I wore typical 90's kid fashions (oh the spandex and graphic tees), went punk/goth (skulls, multi-colored hair, chains, and huge pants galore!), then to hippy (flowing skirts and long hair).  In college I experimented more with my look and even today I am constantly trying new things.
Sure I would get made fun of  (particularly in my punk days), but I loved how I looked and my friends accepted me so I didn't bother with what people would say and I don't to this day.

4) Be extremely aware of what you post online or send through tech; it really will never go away!
Seriously, that's not just something people say to scare you it's true.
So before you say something mean or send that suggestive picture to a crush, really truly think if what you are doing is a good idea.

5) Go out on a limb.
Sit next to the person who never has anyone sitting next to them, join a club just because you're curious, try a sport you've never done before, talk to that person you think is cute, etc!  The list goes on and on!  Try everything and anything.  Put yourself out there because you never know what could happen!  You could meet a best friend or find out new things about yourself.
This is the time to experiment and figure out who you are and you'll never do that if you don't try things.  Know that you don't have to have it all figured out by the time you graduate high school (or even College)!


Until Next Time,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coveting Currently: Fall '15 Edit

Hello There!

Fall is almost here!  For some of you that'll mean groaning that summer is over, but I love Fall and cannot wait for cool breezes and crunchy leaves.  I must say, while this may make me "basic", I cannot wait for fall candles, cozy over-sized scarves, and pumpkin and apple flavored everything!

While I am pining for the cooler weather it's 80 degrees out as I am writing this so to get myself in the Fall spirit I started looking at all the new fall fashions that have begun to crop up.  Lots of woolly textures and darker tones abound!

I love that all of these pieces are so versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.  
The highly coveted J.Crew herringbone vest has been on my list for a few years now, but I always seem to miss it.  

The emerald and blue tones of this plaid top are so pretty and that it would look great with such a variety of outfits from ripped boyfriend jeans to a nice black wool pencil skirt.

I love AE jeggings so much.  I have so many pairs (including a burgundy pair I bought last year that I cannot wait to pull out again).  I love these black ones that would go with quite literally anything.

I love a big bag to carry all my essential around with me, especially during the week when I have to tote around all my work stuff too.  I love that this one has a bit of fringe detail, but that it is not over the top and that part can be zipped off and becomes a chic clutch.  This bag can take you from work to drinks in a snap.

This cape is everything.  I saw this in the new arrivals section and swooned over it.  The gorgeous rich fabric and color.  I just can't handle how perfect it is.  I have been searching for the perfect cape for years and I believe I have found it in this gorgeous number.  This is a must own for me.

I live in scarves all year-round, but I particularly love wearing them in Fall and Winter.  Nothing is cozier than a big soft blanket scarf.  I have a few from the past few years, but I am always looking for new additions like this striking black and white one.

I tend to gravitate towards pieces that you just throw on and you're done.  This dress looks like two pieces, but in actuality it is not.  The top is a knit sweater and the bottom is a swingy skirt.  Pair this with a wool hat and booties and you're done.

I have a brown felt hat I bought last year and I wore it all the time.  I love that these hats are a tad over sized for drama, but can still be pulled off for any daytime outfit.  I feel like hats instantly pull an outfit together.

Owls and a little sparkle are my favorites and I these are tiny so they're easy to rock with any outfit.

These booties I mean can we just admire them for a second.  The mix of textures and sleek design are perfect for throwing on with a dress, skirt, jeans, or really anything.  These are the perfect all-around boot for Fall that can also take you into Winter.

You know putting this together I realized how much I love navy and gray tones right now.  I do love burgundy and emerald tones too, but a lot of what I am gravitating towards for this year is in the blue and gray tones.  I bought more burgundy and brown tones last year so I suppose this makes sense.

What are you coveting for Fall?  Are you looking forward to Fall as much as I am or are you holding on to the last days of summer?

Until Next Time,

disclaimer: All products I did not purchase for myself are marked with an *.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

#OOTD: Feeling Blue Edit

Hello There!

I've had stripes and various shades of blue on repeat lately and I've been particularly loving the outfit I wore today.

My dress and cardigan are very old from Old Navy, but you can find similar to the dress here or here and cardigan here or here.
My shoes are Puma and they're so incredibly comfortable I absolutely love them.  They have a lot of cushion and support which is perfect because I am often running around my office all day.  These exact ones aren't available, but similar ones are here and here.
My sunnies* are Cynthia Rowley that I had won in a giveaway awhile ago.  I wear these everyday they're so comfortable to wear and are flattering.
 My earrings are a part of Amelia Liana's Mejuri collection and my necklace is by Wren from a Fab Fit Fun box.

I love my emerald Cambridge Satchel Co. crossbody* ( I have been using it nearly everyday since I got it in a giveaway a few years ago).  This bag is the perfect cross body as it has enough room for everyday essentials while still being small.  Even after upgrading to the iPhone 6 my phone still fits in the little front pocket.
The pearl ring is from Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury's Mejuri collection and the cat ring is an old one from Baublebar (similar).

And here's me asking my fiancĂ© if the pictures were coming out okay and if we could take a few more.  I started laughing because he is like a 90 year old man when it comes to smartphones and was getting frustrated that he couldn't tell if he was taking the pictures correctly.
Upon uploading these I found out he was holding down the button for each shot instead of just clicking it once so I have about 60 pictures from this small shoot.  
Now, this is not for lack of me trying to teach him how to use touch screens (multiple times) he just dislikes the things and gets confused.  
Good thing he loves me enough to put up with it!

Until Next Time,

disclaimer: All products I did not purchase for myself are marked with an *.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lip Favorites: National Lipstick Day Edit

Hello There!

Today is National Lipstick Day (because there's a day for everything) and I couldn't let this one pass by without sharing my favorites.

Alright so I know the Glossier Coconut balm dotcom is not technically a lipstick, but I do put it on everyday and night.  I put it on my lips right after my shower in the morning so by the time I am putting anything on my lips they are soft and hydrated.

Can I just say my lips were so sore after all these swatches!  Hello and goodbye to the new pack of makeup wipes I got this weekend.

Anyway, into the good stuff (left to right for each row). 

Row 1
The first color is a brand new one to me and I'm already in love.  This is NARS Audacious Lipstick in Ingrid.  My goodness the color payoff is unreal and this is one of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear.  It kept selling out last Fall and I happen to be thinking about it and looked it up and boom it was in stock.  I want to wear this now, but it's not quiet the season yet for this gorgeous deep Merlot beauty.

Next is Smashbox's Be Legendary Lipstick in Infrared.  I love matte true red lipsticks, but what makes this one a favorite is that it is not drying.  

Row 2
I got the Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus in the Summer Allure Beauty Thrills Box.  This is a creamy, glossy lipstick that is a lighter red tone than the Smashbox.  This is an easy and affordable option that is very comfortable for all day wear on the lips.

Dior's Fluid Stick on Wonderland is a medium pink-coral shade that is especially gorgeous in the summer and goes with anything.  This goes on easy with it's doe foot applicator and stays on for a surprisingly long time.  This is the shade I reach for when I don't want to wear a red, but I still want a bold pout.

Row 3

NARS' Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover has been a longtime favorite of mine.  This strawberry pink shade has gold tones to it that are just right.  This pencil is so easy to wear because you can apply it without needing a mirror.  

I hate to be a bit of a tease with my next pick, Chanel Rouge Coco in Triomphe, because it seems to be no longer available.  This is a gorgeous coral shade and the formula is creamy and gorgeous.  While you cannot get this shade, the new shade range is stunning and any of them would be great picks.   

Last, but not least is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy.  This is my favorite lipstick of all time because of how easy it is to apply and wear everyday.  The color is moisturizing and subtle and is a my lips but better (or MLBB) shade for me.  I found this through one of Fleur De Force's blog posts and videos and had to order it, as soon as it arrived I fell in love. While it is a lot to splash out for a lipstick it is so worth it for this gorgeous shade in my opinion.

What are your favorite lipsticks?  Did you wear any today in honor of it being a National day?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

disclaimer: All products I did not purchase for myself are marked with an *.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Lately: June 2015 Edit

Hello There!

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog because I have been insanely busy with life lately.  Ugh, I know I bet you've heard that before from me and other bloggers before, but seriously shit happens.
Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to fill ya'll in on what has been keeping me so busy.

My Aunt, my Mom, and I got together earlier this month to do all the addressing for my save the dates.
My Aunt does beautiful calligraphy so she did the names and my Mom and I wrote out the addresses as neatly as possible.  It all came together beautifully and I could not be happier.  They've already gone in the mail and are on their way to their destinations!
Our Save the Dates are magnets that we bought from Wedding Paper Divas, the waterproof calligraphy pens my Aunt had and my Mom bought some extras on Amazon, and we used a self-inking stamp for the return address that I bought on Etsy.

I got to hang out with my Mom and Step-Dad's puggle, Gracie.  I miss living at home and playing with her.  I love her, she's just the cutest, sweetest little piggle face ever.

That same day my Mom and I went to a florist to talk Wedding flowers.  I'll have a few posts coming soon talking about all things Wedding (if there is anything you have questions on let me know in the comments and I can work them in!).

I finally upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6 and I am absolutely in love with it.  I could not be happier and I love my case I got at Verizon from the brand Milk & Honey it is so pretty!
My step-brother Matt works at Verizon so I took the time to go to him and I am so happy I did because he is like a Verizon wizard.

My Mom and I took my brother and his girlfriend to breakfast for his birthday.  He chose Uncommon Grounds which is this tiny little spot that serves up fresh, tasty food.
I got eggs over hard on multi-grain toast (it was unbelievably delicious toast) with a side of homefries and sausage links.  We also got chocolate coconut milk pancakes to share that were ah-mazing.
I cannot believe my little brother turned 25!  I am so happy to have him in my life and I am so proud to be his sister.  He is growing into an amazing man.

I tried out some new products from Glossier.  I'd heard so much about them and wanted to see if the products lived up to the hype and they so do.  I am in love with their balmdotcom and the mask.  I cannot wait to try more products!

I've been helping to plan the massive annual banquet (over 500 people!) at work.  We finally had the banquet on 06/19 and it went off (with a few hitches), but it turned out fantastically in the end.  
Here's me when I got home from the banquet at nearly 10pm after working a nearly full day and then five hours at the banquet.  I was pooped, but kitty snuggles always make it better.

My fiance's parents breed and show Cairn Terriers (aka Toto from the Wizard of Oz).  They had a new litter about six weeks ago and so the puppies are now really playful and getting big!
We had lunch over at his parents house and played with puppies all day long.  It was absolutely wonderful.

We had our tasting at our venue for the Wedding on Monday.  All of the parents got to come which honestly made my night.  We had a big table to ourselves and really got to enjoy the whole experience.
Of course the one menu item that everyone loved is the most expensive (typical), but there were regular priced meals were delicious as well so we have our work cut out for us.
The cakes were incredible and there was one that had mocha filling that was unreal.

And that leaves us at today.  It would be my big sister's 29th birthday today.  She passed away before I was born so I never knew her, but I still miss her everyday.  I just imagine how excited she'd be in helping to plan my Wedding and be there every step of the way.
I just know we would have been thick as thieves.  In a way it makes me envious of other people's relationships with their sisters, but also makes me more appreciative of the relationships I do have with my siblings.
Here's to you beautiful girl, wherever you are know I love you.

So now that I've caught you up on all the goings on in my life lately let me know what's been going on with you in the comments below.

If you want to see all the exciting things that go on (aka cat pictures, food, and Wedding planning) just follow me on instagram.

Until Next Time,

disclaimer: All products I did not purchase for myself are marked with an *.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own.