Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Office Christmas Decorations

Hello There!

Awhile back I showed you some decorations I had on my desk when I first started working.  I thought I should do an updated Holiday one!

The light up owl plugs into the USB-port on my computer and changes between a whole bunch of colors, I picked that up at Target last year.  
The hand sanitizer I got from Bath and Body Works a month ago.
The little felt penguin cup I'm using a cup holder I got in the dollar section at Target a few years ago. 

This little tree is battery operated and I picked it up at Target last year. 

I picked this tree, the garland on it, and the lights at Ikea this year.
The little baubles are from Target's dollar section. 

The garland is gold and shaped like foxes!

I've had this pink garland for awhile.  I believe I got it from Target's dollar section (seeing a trend?). 

I printed these signs off from online and hung them up with tape.
They're so cute and look like chalkboard.

Some more garland from Target's dollar section I got this year.

The cutest little sign again from Target's dollar section.

And last but not least I have these peppermint lights entwined with red star garland which is all from Target's dollar section.

I'm pretty sure it cost under $15 to decorate my whole desk and it looks so festive!

I hope I could bring a little Christmas cheer to you and maybe inspire you to do a little decoration in your office whether that is at home or at work (or at home if that is where you work!).

Until next time,

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