Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wedding Planning, Beginning Stages

Hello There!

I've been so busy with work and Wedding planning that I have not had time to blog.
I know, I know I'm a bad blogger.

Bridal Guide

 But, I thought I would update you on how the Wedding planning is going so far and what we've learned so far.

 The guest list, even if it's just adding 20 more people, can drastically change the costs.

We've had to make multiple guest lists with varying degrees of complexity to try to work out the budget.

Fall is apparently more popular than any other time of year to have a Wedding and is therefore much more expensive.  

Nailing down your budget at the very beginning is imperative.  Making sure you stick to this budget is also extremely important.

Looking at venues is exciting, but at times depressing.  We looked at tons online and three in person before deciding on our final venue (yes, we have decided!).

Being open to change and being flexible are important when planning and picking everything out.

Call in favors from family if and when you can.  I have found for my Wedding everyone wants to help as much as they can which I am eternally appreciative for.

For me, buying my Wedding dress was the simplest process yet.  It's currently at my Mum's house awaiting when we go in a few months time for alterations.

You will probably get stressed your friends/family/co-workers will be able to tell.  They will also pester you to make sure you don't forget to eat (because this has happened).

Once we decided on the venue and put a hold on the date my stress nearly completely vanished.  The venue and date of the Wedding are so key to getting everything else, invitations, scheduling alterations, entertainment, photographers, etc.

Don't forget to enjoy just being engaged!

On the whole, I am a very non-fussy bride.  I don't have any real vision of what I need at our Wedding.  I just know it will turn out beautiful and that I'm marrying the man of my dreams.  That's enough for me.
My Mom, ((her sisters) my Aunts, my future Mother-in-law, and my bridesmaids are all being a tremendous help with planning.
I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are excited to help make our Wedding amazing.

I will be doing more posts on my dress buying experience and about some of the venues we have looked at.

Until next time!