Thursday, November 6, 2014

Staying Productive

Hello There!

While, I've recently been slacking a bit for blogging I am trying to get back on track.

I've been so busy with my job and trying to plan my Wedding that everything else has fallen to the wayside.
It is about time that I got focused again and I've found some things that are helping to keep me productive.

#1 Fill the area around your workspace with things that make you happy!
I have a pen cup full of only pink pens and bright sharpies on both my desk at home and at work.
I also have cute decorations and pictures of around my desk to perk me up when I'm getting a little tired or need inspiration.

I love the color theme with this desk.
A pin board that you can put up pictures for inspiration is a great idea behind your desk as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers.

 I love the lights strung up over the desk as well as all the personal touches like pictures and the monogram.

Lark and Linen

Also, having a beautifully designed motivational desktop background is sure to help too!

#2 Listen to music to motivate you!
I recently found Spotify and I am in love.  You can create all sorts of different playlists and they have all sorts of music.
 #3 Don't be afraid to take breaks to refresh yourself!
I sometimes feel guilty taking breaks because I want to get lots of work done, but not taking breaks can really burn you out.
Even just getting up and walking around or making a cup of tea can be a huge help when you're feeling like you're reaching a breaking point.

 Or a cup of cocoa!

Maybe give your pet some attention.

Or read a little bit of a book or magazine.

Chances are that after your break you'll feel re-energized and ready to keep going!

#4 Keep Organized!
If your desk looks like a disaster area then it will be hard to find things when you need them and it can also make working in that space stressful.
Keep your space tidy and know where anything important is, like your camera or any important papers.
#5 Make plans and stick to them!
Create lists that have specific goals for the week on them.  I would start out with monthly then weekly goals so you're not giving yourself too much at one.
I love this planner notebook from Heart and Arrow Design on Etsy.
These are perfect to stay on track and they even have reminders about sharing on social media!

I also write in my planner itself when I have ideas or deadlines I want to make sure I keep.

What are some things that have worked for you?  Do you also do any of the things I do?

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