Thursday, November 13, 2014

Engagement Ring Process Part 2

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I wanted to talk a bit more today about the actual process of creating my custom engagement ring.

We used a jeweler that was recommended by my fiancĂ©'s Mother which helped because we were not sure who to use for this.  It is important to pick a jeweler you are very comfortable with because they're creating a piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life.

We decided to go through the process together.  This means I had control and input as well as my fiancĂ© in my ring.  So, yes I knew what my ring would look like well before he proposed.  I know not everyone wants to do it this way, but I am honestly very happy we did it together.

So, when going for our consultation I brought the book from Cartier with all the pictures of the ring in it.  It definitely helped to have pictures of all the angles of the ring.
Bringing lots of pictures about what you want and being very detailed helps the jeweler to really get the ring right.  Make sure the jeweler in turn takes detailed notes and takes pictures that you bring so that they can remember exactly what you want when they start creating your ring.
I also made sure to mention that I did not want my center stone to sit to high so that it would not snag or get knocked around too much.

He took a few weeks to get the wax mold of my ring ready.

I tried it on to make sure the final ring would fit and inspected it to ensure it was exactly what I wanted.

My fiancees Mom generously gave us stones from her Mother's engagement ring (pictured above) to use for my ring.
We brought this ring in and from there we gave the go ahead to start the ring.
My recommendation if using another ring's stones and you're not using all the stones in that original ring for the new ring is to be abundantly clear regarding what stones to use so there is no confusion.

This took quite a few weeks to be created.  We waited very patiently for it to be done.
Meanwhile we spoke to our home insurance company regarding what we would need to send them for adding my ring to the insurance.
We made sure that the jeweler had the appraisal done before we picked up the ring.

When we went to pick up the ring we inspected it to make sure that it was made the way we wanted it.
It turned out better than anything I could have expected and I am so happy with my ring.

Engagement ring photo porn!

 He made my ring identical to the picture and the detail on it is beautiful.  I absolutely love my ring and I'm so happy we had it custom made because it feels that much more special.

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