Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Engagement Ring Process Part 1

Hello There!

Since it has been almost two months since we got engaged I thought I should do a post or two about how we picked my engagement ring.

The idea for my ring started last year when I went to NYC with my Mom and Future Mother-In-Law.
At that point we knew that Jeremy and I wanted to get engaged so we took the trip as an opportunity to look at engagement ring styles to figure out what I really liked.

We went to Cartier first.

I found the bridal consultant in Cartier to be very warm and welcoming and was happy to help me even knowing we were not going to purchase anything that day.  She gave me one of their bags as well as their bridal books. 

The ring the second from the left is the one I tried on in the store and really fell in love with.
This is the ring that my ring was ultimately designed around.

We also popped into Tiffany to see their options.

Engagement rings!

I tried this ring on and really loved it as well, but the sales associate in Tiffany was so rude I was completely put off.  He told me I had stubby fingers!

Jokingly I sent this to my fiance saying that this one I loved, haha!

I found that actually trying on rings helped me to see what looked good on my hand and what style I actually liked. 
I always thought I wanted a halo style ring, but really did not like it as much when I put it on my hand.
My suggestion would be to try on any type of ring that catches your eye or catches the person's eye you're with.  I did not expect to like the styles that I tried on.  My future Mother-in-Law and my Mom both encouraged me to try on the rings and both loved the styles of the ring from Cartier and Tiffany when they saw it on my hand.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when looking for a ring, especially if you're buying brand new diamonds, is that the quality of the stones is much more important than the size of the stones when it comes to value and how good the diamonds will actually look.

I'll have another post up tomorrow about the actual process in designing my ring as we had it custom made.

Until next time.

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