Thursday, November 13, 2014

Engagement Ring Process Part 2

Hello There!

I wanted to talk a bit more today about the actual process of creating my custom engagement ring.

We used a jeweler that was recommended by my fiancĂ©'s Mother which helped because we were not sure who to use for this.  It is important to pick a jeweler you are very comfortable with because they're creating a piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life.

We decided to go through the process together.  This means I had control and input as well as my fiancĂ© in my ring.  So, yes I knew what my ring would look like well before he proposed.  I know not everyone wants to do it this way, but I am honestly very happy we did it together.

So, when going for our consultation I brought the book from Cartier with all the pictures of the ring in it.  It definitely helped to have pictures of all the angles of the ring.
Bringing lots of pictures about what you want and being very detailed helps the jeweler to really get the ring right.  Make sure the jeweler in turn takes detailed notes and takes pictures that you bring so that they can remember exactly what you want when they start creating your ring.
I also made sure to mention that I did not want my center stone to sit to high so that it would not snag or get knocked around too much.

He took a few weeks to get the wax mold of my ring ready.

I tried it on to make sure the final ring would fit and inspected it to ensure it was exactly what I wanted.

My fiancees Mom generously gave us stones from her Mother's engagement ring (pictured above) to use for my ring.
We brought this ring in and from there we gave the go ahead to start the ring.
My recommendation if using another ring's stones and you're not using all the stones in that original ring for the new ring is to be abundantly clear regarding what stones to use so there is no confusion.

This took quite a few weeks to be created.  We waited very patiently for it to be done.
Meanwhile we spoke to our home insurance company regarding what we would need to send them for adding my ring to the insurance.
We made sure that the jeweler had the appraisal done before we picked up the ring.

When we went to pick up the ring we inspected it to make sure that it was made the way we wanted it.
It turned out better than anything I could have expected and I am so happy with my ring.

Engagement ring photo porn!

 He made my ring identical to the picture and the detail on it is beautiful.  I absolutely love my ring and I'm so happy we had it custom made because it feels that much more special.

If you want to see part one go here and if you want to read about how he proposed go here!

Until next time.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Engagement Ring Process Part 1

Hello There!

Since it has been almost two months since we got engaged I thought I should do a post or two about how we picked my engagement ring.

The idea for my ring started last year when I went to NYC with my Mom and Future Mother-In-Law.
At that point we knew that Jeremy and I wanted to get engaged so we took the trip as an opportunity to look at engagement ring styles to figure out what I really liked.

We went to Cartier first.

I found the bridal consultant in Cartier to be very warm and welcoming and was happy to help me even knowing we were not going to purchase anything that day.  She gave me one of their bags as well as their bridal books. 

The ring the second from the left is the one I tried on in the store and really fell in love with.
This is the ring that my ring was ultimately designed around.

We also popped into Tiffany to see their options.

Engagement rings!

I tried this ring on and really loved it as well, but the sales associate in Tiffany was so rude I was completely put off.  He told me I had stubby fingers!

Jokingly I sent this to my fiance saying that this one I loved, haha!

I found that actually trying on rings helped me to see what looked good on my hand and what style I actually liked. 
I always thought I wanted a halo style ring, but really did not like it as much when I put it on my hand.
My suggestion would be to try on any type of ring that catches your eye or catches the person's eye you're with.  I did not expect to like the styles that I tried on.  My future Mother-in-Law and my Mom both encouraged me to try on the rings and both loved the styles of the ring from Cartier and Tiffany when they saw it on my hand.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when looking for a ring, especially if you're buying brand new diamonds, is that the quality of the stones is much more important than the size of the stones when it comes to value and how good the diamonds will actually look.

I'll have another post up tomorrow about the actual process in designing my ring as we had it custom made.

Until next time.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post.  There are no affiliate links in this post.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are 100% my own

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Staying Productive

Hello There!

While, I've recently been slacking a bit for blogging I am trying to get back on track.

I've been so busy with my job and trying to plan my Wedding that everything else has fallen to the wayside.
It is about time that I got focused again and I've found some things that are helping to keep me productive.

#1 Fill the area around your workspace with things that make you happy!
I have a pen cup full of only pink pens and bright sharpies on both my desk at home and at work.
I also have cute decorations and pictures of around my desk to perk me up when I'm getting a little tired or need inspiration.

I love the color theme with this desk.
A pin board that you can put up pictures for inspiration is a great idea behind your desk as well as a beautiful bunch of flowers.

 I love the lights strung up over the desk as well as all the personal touches like pictures and the monogram.

Lark and Linen

Also, having a beautifully designed motivational desktop background is sure to help too!

#2 Listen to music to motivate you!
I recently found Spotify and I am in love.  You can create all sorts of different playlists and they have all sorts of music.
 #3 Don't be afraid to take breaks to refresh yourself!
I sometimes feel guilty taking breaks because I want to get lots of work done, but not taking breaks can really burn you out.
Even just getting up and walking around or making a cup of tea can be a huge help when you're feeling like you're reaching a breaking point.

 Or a cup of cocoa!

Maybe give your pet some attention.

Or read a little bit of a book or magazine.

Chances are that after your break you'll feel re-energized and ready to keep going!

#4 Keep Organized!
If your desk looks like a disaster area then it will be hard to find things when you need them and it can also make working in that space stressful.
Keep your space tidy and know where anything important is, like your camera or any important papers.
#5 Make plans and stick to them!
Create lists that have specific goals for the week on them.  I would start out with monthly then weekly goals so you're not giving yourself too much at one.
I love this planner notebook from Heart and Arrow Design on Etsy.
These are perfect to stay on track and they even have reminders about sharing on social media!

I also write in my planner itself when I have ideas or deadlines I want to make sure I keep.

What are some things that have worked for you?  Do you also do any of the things I do?

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wedding Planning, Beginning Stages

Hello There!

I've been so busy with work and Wedding planning that I have not had time to blog.
I know, I know I'm a bad blogger.

Bridal Guide

 But, I thought I would update you on how the Wedding planning is going so far and what we've learned so far.

 The guest list, even if it's just adding 20 more people, can drastically change the costs.

We've had to make multiple guest lists with varying degrees of complexity to try to work out the budget.

Fall is apparently more popular than any other time of year to have a Wedding and is therefore much more expensive.  

Nailing down your budget at the very beginning is imperative.  Making sure you stick to this budget is also extremely important.

Looking at venues is exciting, but at times depressing.  We looked at tons online and three in person before deciding on our final venue (yes, we have decided!).

Being open to change and being flexible are important when planning and picking everything out.

Call in favors from family if and when you can.  I have found for my Wedding everyone wants to help as much as they can which I am eternally appreciative for.

For me, buying my Wedding dress was the simplest process yet.  It's currently at my Mum's house awaiting when we go in a few months time for alterations.

You will probably get stressed your friends/family/co-workers will be able to tell.  They will also pester you to make sure you don't forget to eat (because this has happened).

Once we decided on the venue and put a hold on the date my stress nearly completely vanished.  The venue and date of the Wedding are so key to getting everything else, invitations, scheduling alterations, entertainment, photographers, etc.

Don't forget to enjoy just being engaged!

On the whole, I am a very non-fussy bride.  I don't have any real vision of what I need at our Wedding.  I just know it will turn out beautiful and that I'm marrying the man of my dreams.  That's enough for me.
My Mom, ((her sisters) my Aunts, my future Mother-in-law, and my bridesmaids are all being a tremendous help with planning.
I'm so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people who are excited to help make our Wedding amazing.

I will be doing more posts on my dress buying experience and about some of the venues we have looked at.

Until next time!