Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Story of Me To We

Hello There!

Since you know I got engaged just a few weeks ago I wanted to share our story.

The reason I met him is because my co-RA at the time was leaving and I had to get a new one.  
Our friend Mike insisted that I ask for Jeremy to be my new co-RA.
I was not thrilled with this idea because I had never met him before.
Mike would not give up and insisted I would get along with Jeremy.
 How right he was.

This is the first photo of us together out with friends.  This was on an RA outing.
We were not dating at the time, but I was starting to enjoy his company.

Since we were co-workers we had been keeping our relationship secret as we did not want it to jeopardize anything especially since our dating had nothing to do with our job performance.
This is the night our secret started to come out at the Winter Ball.

From then on we fell hard into love.

For the Jeremy's 21st (the first birthday of his we celebrated together) I made him a Bowser cake.

We also went to D.C. together for my cousin's wedding.

 For Halloween one year we were bats.  I made our costumes using black see through fabric for the wings and sewing it into the armpits of black sweatshirts.
 This is a picture from wintertime that year.
 The following February we went to the Winterball again, realizing we were kind of out of place though.

 We graduated college and lived apart for the first time in over a year, but thankfully we only lived about an hour away from each other.
 Here's Jeremy with his dog, Rocky.
Rocky sadly passed away not too long after these pictures were taken.
 There were always puppies to cheer us up!
His parents breed Cairn Terriers and this pup is from one of the litters they had.
On 11/11/11 we moved into our first apartment together where we are still currently living.
 Our First Christmas tree together in our new apartment.
 At the Museum of Science being a goob.
 On his first ever flight to his first ever trip to Disney World!
Being semi-cooperative in what became our favorite place, Japan at Epcot.
Snuggling in bed playing games with the cat.

I cannot express how much I love this man.  We've been through some rough times, but we've gotten through everything together.

I cannot wait to marry this man!

Keep an eye out for the story about  my engagement ring!