Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge and Why I Won't Be Doing It

Hello There!

So unless you live under a rock or don't use social media, I am guessing you have heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS.
I was tagged to do it, but I won't be doing it.

I fully support and think it is wonderful for those who want to pour cold water on themselves in solidarity with those who have been affected by ALS.

I won't be doing it because I don't find it necessary to show that I support something by dumping good water on myself.  You've heard of the starving people in (insert third world country) so eat your food, I feel kind of the same way about wasting clean water.

I think it is fantastic though that there has been so much awareness and money raised for ALS through the exposure on social media.  That just shows you how powerful social media has become.
 If you would like to donate, then go here.

I would like to take this time to bring up something I feel strongly needs more coverage and support.
In light of the passing of Robin Williams I think that there should be exposure and education regarding Mental Health Awareness.

Mental Illnesses are very serious diseases and they are as important as any other.  There are still so many social stigmas surrounding the disease and that needs to stop.

Feel free to check out the Mental Health Awareness site to learn more about how to help yourself and others.

If you suffer know that you are not alone and there is so much help available for you.
NEVER feel afraid to say that you need help.
NEVER let social stigmas prevent you from speaking up.
PLEASE do not wait.

To anyone struggling with this issue you can call the US suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255