Monday, April 28, 2014

Down to Georgetown Cupcakes!

Hello There!

A few weeks ago we went down to D.C. for my cousin's fiance's bridal shower.  While there we decided we had to go to Georgetown Cupcake.

The architecture in D.C. is gorgeous and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures.

We finally got through all the traffic and waited in an hour long line to get the cupcakes!!

So, I totally need that stand mixer.

Mum and I outside!

Yay, Cupcakes! (don't mind my creepy t-rex hand). Also my nails matched the sign!

 Super delicious iced chai latte. 

I got a dozen and only two were gone by the time I got home to share them with Jeremy.  They are so yummy and were well worth the wait.  Perfect cake to frosting ratio.

We waited in a line nearly that long and look the lines are still going! 

 Gorgeous trees on our drive back! 

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