Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!


I was asked by Kendra Thornton to create a look for a night out in Vegas.

Kendra is a Travel Expert, but wanted a little help in the style department.

Here is a little bit about the challenge to create her a look!

"Help Me Step Out in Sin City in Style
I’m a mother looking for some inspiration for my Sin City style. Let me explain this from the beginning. I love being a mom, but it’s time for me to plan a getaway. Some friends and I will be enjoy a stay in Las Vegas soon, and I want to look my best when we enjoy an evening at The Palms Casino and Resort. I’m asking you to help by offering ideas for an outfit. To provide you with a little inspiration, I’ve included a description of one of the bars we plan to hit that evening.
Scarlet Bar
Mixology has become a fun pastime of mine. I love learning about new cocktails, and occasionally I try my hand at mixing them for my husband and me to sample at home. I’m thrilled to be visiting a tiny bar tucked into a corner of the massive casino at The Palms where signature mixology takes place nightly. Scarlet Bar features the creations of a world-renowned mixologist. House favorites include drinks such as Scarlet G&T, Vacation in Brazil, Spice of Life, Far and Away, and Abandon Ship. Of course, I need to look fabulous in whatever outfit I choose for the evening because Scarlet Bar is also known for its dramatic lighting. I can’t have the d├ęcor outshining me.
Las Vegas Style
Every city has its own unique style, and Las Vegas features a style to which no other city can compare. Every time I visit, I’m overwhelmed by the endless things to do and places to see. This is why I turned to Gogobot to read the reviews on the Las Vegas hotels and things to do and determine exactly what would make my trip perfect! Whatever activities I enjoy in Sin City, I know I’ll have a better time if I look my best. I’m excited to see the fashions you recommend for my big night in the big city. While you’re considering my new look, think about taking a trip to Las Vegas yourself. A woman needs an excuse to buy a new outfit every once in a while, right?"

So for the look I created I wanted Kendra to stand out in a crowd and against the lighting in Sin City.
For her hair I would have her gorgeous blonde locks piled on her head in a messy top knot/bun.  For makeup I would give her a smoky eye with a bit of a wing and a bold red lip.  To tie in the red lip I would also have her nails painted in Essie's Really Red.
For the look itself I kept with a gold, black, and white palette to keep it simple, but chic.  I think she would look stunning in a pair of amazing leather leggings.  The cami has shiny black and gold sequins in an intricate design to help the lights make her shine.  To top the look off I added a crisp white blazer.
For accessories I added a pair of amazing heels that look simple from the front, but you get the cool pop of stripes down the heel.  To draw that in more I added a cross body bag that can also double as a clutch instead in a black and white striped pattern.  For jewelry I kept it simple to let the top stand out and just added black and gold arrow shaped earrings.

In all I think this look would help her stand out in Vegas among all the glitz!

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You can see the whole look on pinterest too!
disclaimer: I was asked to create this look, but did not receive compensation.  I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing/mentioning here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.