Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodies I Got For Christmas 2013

I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas this year.  I am by no means meaning to seem like I am bragging or anything I just know that I love seeing what other people get for Christmas so I thought I would share.
Let me know your favorite thing you got in the comments if you want!

From My Boyfriend, Jeremy
He got me these beautiful rhinestone bow earrings from Kate Spade.

I absolutely love this ring he got me.  It has my first name initial then a heart and then his first name initial.

He got it big so I could wear it on my thumb or middle finger as I do not have a lot of rings for those fingers.  The letters and band are gold and the heart is rose gold.  I absolutely love this ring and I have been wearing it everyday.

I had been talking about how much I love this fragance, but I did not really care for the design on the bottle, then this limited edition one came out to Ulta and Macy's.  I basically would not shut up about it.

The box is a music box that plays a part of Taylor's song, "Starlight".

It has a pink and yellow swirly dot design with glitter.  I am beyond in love with the bottle and the fragrance is lovely.

These brushes have been in and out of stock constantly at Target.  I have heard so many great things about them and wanted to try them for myself.

This set comes with a good range of face brushes as well as two eye brushes.  The set exclusive crease brush has become a fast favorite of mine.

Here is a better look at the brushes included.  The handles are sturdy and the bristles are very soft.

These are a few bits that were in my stocking.

From Jeremy's Parents
Jeremy's parents got me this beautiful Eiffel Tower ring dish.  It is so pretty!

This is what was in my stocking from them.  Candy, Eucerin hand cream for my very dry hands, Purel hand sanitizer is always a must, and a $25 Sephora gift card that I cannot wait to use!

Also in my stocking was this adorable Minnie Mouse hand soap.  I absolutely love the bottle because it is so cute.

I also got this super beautiful tartan scarf that is so incredibly soft.  I love it.

His Mom knits and made me these boot cuffs.  I absolutely love them they are so cozy and go with everything.

His parents know about my obsession with Owls and got me this pretty Owl ornament.  I put it on the tree in our bedroom.

They also got me the Alex 9 drawer from Ikea.  I am so beyond excited for this.  I put it together by myself and it was actually the easiest Ikea furniture piece I have ever had.

As you can see I have already started filling it up.

This is what the top of the drawers looks like.  I am still organizing it the way I like, but this is so much better than how I had my makeup before.  I am in love with it!

From My Mom and Step-Dad
I was so excited to get this palette!  It is more beautiful in person and the colors are so pigmented that you barely need to swipe your brush in and it picks up the rich color.

I got the palette in #204 The Starlet.  I don't have shades like these in my collection already so I am excited to play around with it to see the different looks I can get.

I also got this $50 Amazon giftcard which I actually already used to get two books and a desk microphone.  It all already shipped and should arrive the end of this week.

They also had all of our pictures from when we went to Disney in October put on a disc which is great because now I will always have them.

I love this super colorful lightweight scarf.  This is the perfect way to inject some color into an otherwise bland outfit.

I got the cutest earmuffs.  The ear bits are sock monkey faces.

I love these and they are so warm.

I got a cute little Hello Kitty filled with strawberry flavored heart shaped candies.

One of my Mom's friends makes honey and so she gave me some of their super delicious honey and a bar of their awesome soap.

I also got this adorable cat patterned clutch.  It is surprisingly roomy and can fit quite a bit.  The wrist strap also comes in handy.

We have a few broken ice scrapers in the car so I am happy to replace those with this one.

Some presents for Kitty from them.

This is a protector cat keychain.

You put it on your keys and if you run into trouble you can put you fingers through the "eye holes" and then the ears turn into a protective weapon.

We always get Christmas jammies and this year all the girls got ones printed with scotties.
This is a Bluetooth speaker for the shower.  I am so excited about this because I am always singing up a storm in the shower and now I have a proper system to sing along to.

My Mom gave me my stocking from when I was a baby.  She made it herself so it is so special to me.

From My Dad and Step-Mom
I started tearing up when I read the message on this plaque.  This is so very special to me and I immediately put it on my Alex 9 drawer as soon as I had it set up so I can see it everyday.  I have definitely been a Daddy's girl in my life and this just really touched me that he would pick this out for me.

I absolutely love this bracelet that my Step-Mom got for all of us "adult" kids.  The coordinates  on my are for Burlington, VT where I went to College.

The inside has the college I attended and the year I graduated.

This is such a unique and personal piece and I absolutely love it.  I have been wearing it everyday.  

If you don't know or can't tell I absolutely love animals and cats especially.  This book of Gemma Correll's illustrations is so beyond perfect and cute.

This one is so me (sad, but true).

I also have a love of sheep and so my they usually get me a sheep ornament every year or so.  This one is huge and he's so cute with the little fluff on his head.  I put him on the tree in the bedroom so I could see him all the time.

I love this telephone booth ornament as well.  My Dad took my brother, Drew, and I to England as a High School graduation present for me.  I so badly want to go back and this reminds me of the amazing memories I have from our trip.

This is the I Could Pee On This calendar which has quotes from the book for each month along with a cute kitty picture.  I already hung this up over my computer.

Every year we get scratch tickets.  I usually don't win more than $5, but this year I won about $30! 

It has also been a tradition for us to get a box of Godiva chocolates every year.  My favorite are the raspberry stars (yum!).

My Step-Mom's Step-Mom, Grace Anne, gives us an beautiful ornament every year.  This year I got a pink sundae ornament.  I love it and also have put this on my tree in our bedroom.

She also gave me this beautiful fabric black necklace.

I love the detail on this and it looks so pretty on.

From My Family Secret Santa
On my Mom's side we do Secret Santa because there are so many of us.  This year my Secret Santa (who tuned out to be my Step-brother, Matt) got me this adorable Minnie Mouse ornament and the I Could Pee On This book.  The book is hilarious and expands on the few quips on the calendar I got from my Dad.

Minnie Mouse in pink refreshing her makeup, how appropriate!  I have her on my vanity currently and will probably keep her there even after the rest of the ornaments get put away.

Here is the little quote on the back of the box Minnie came in.  Mistletoe ready she is indeed.  A little extra lipstick never hurt anyone!

From My Brother
My brother picked out his beautiful Too Faced set for me (all by himself might I add) and I just love it.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous turquoise and gold chevron makeup bag (swoon).  The set comes with a lipstick, mascara, shadow insurance eye primer, eyeliner, and small palette with two shadows and a blush.  The palette is pink with gold and white polka dots.

The colors in this are absolutely gorgeous and pigmented.  I used the shadows with this blush and used the mascara and eyeliner and it gave a very pretty look.  The lipstick is also a beautiful shade that would look fantastic on anyone.  If you can still get your hands on this set I highly recommend it.

Whew that's everything!  I am so happy with everything I got and love the special gifts everyone picked out for me.  I have the most amazing family and gifts or not I had a lovely Christmas with all of them.

I hope you got everything you hoped for this Christmas and that you had a fantastic New Year in 2014!

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.