Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have December 2013

I got my Pop Sugar Must Have December box in the mail!  The box is completely chock full of great goodies.
As is seasonally appropriate the box came with very cute wrapping paper, twine, and gift tags from MIXT Studio.  I have actually already used most of this to wrap presents for my family and friends.
These Go Vino Stemless Champagne Flutes are going to be perfect for New Year's Eve.
They are great for those (aka me) that are very clumsy and I love the finger indent as well to give you a good grip.
I have actually already had this ModelCo Fibre Lashextend Lengthening Mascara so I gave this one to a friend.
I don't particularly care for the brush on this mascara, but the formula works well to lengthen.  I honestly prefer volumizing mascaras over lengthening, but this one does work nicely.
I tried this CC Made Pistachio Nut popcorn and I absolutely love it!  The caramel coat on the popcorn is not so sticky where it gets all gummed up in your teeth, but it you can taste the caramel flavor.  The pistachios in this are very good, but I felt that there were not enough.  I would definitely buy this though.
I was so excited to see these bags of Ghirardelli in the box because I was putting the trio bag on my grocery list for the week.  I love these squares anytime, but the seasonal flavored ones are particularly good.  The Milk & Caramel ones have gooey caramel in the middle that melts in your mouth.  The Holiday collection comes with a creamy Eggnog, minty peppermint bark, and gooey Pumpkin Spice Caramel.
I have used and love nail wraps/appliques by Formula X before, but have not tried the NCLA ones yet.  I plan to use these before Christmas day. 
The last thing in the box is this beautiful Lulu Frost bracelet.  It has a very simple brass chain with an ornate sparkly "charm" on it.  I love this bracelet as it adds a great bit of sparkle and interest to my arm party.

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