Monday, November 4, 2013

Pop Sugar Must Have October 2013

This is my Pop Sugar box for October.

I love this cookbook.  The Can't Cook Book is great for beginners to cooking as well as people who just are not that great at cooking or find it overwhelming or time consuming.
She breaks everything down so it is very easy.
So many of the recipes look amazing and this is a great addition to the box.
This rice crispy treat was delicious and also enormous! 
It was just a bit too sweet, but otherwise was very good.
The Crispery Crispycakes can be bought online or through stores throughout the US.
The box also came with a gift card to Stich Fix.
To be quite honest I am not really interested in this so I have not looked into it too much, but I do know that right now they do not cater to women size 14+ which includes me so I actually cannot try it now even if I wanted to (bummer).
I already own The Wet Brush and absolutely love it.  I like having two now so I can have one in my purse for tangles on the go.
My hair is very long and can get tangled easily. This is hands down the best brush I have ever used on my hair (even beating expensive salon brushes I have bought).
If you have never tried this brush I would definitely try it.
These Metallic Bobby Pins from Jane Tran work well to hold back my hair and are great colors for fall.
These are very comfortable and hold my hair all day (and any hair bits usually slip right out of my hair!).
I got a a Julep polish and their top coat.  I have used Julep polishes previously and been impressed by their performance.
These have good pigment and don't take too many coats to have the true color show up.
The Freedom Polymer Top Coat I have used and it does leave a high shine finish.  I did not notice that it helped my manicure stay on much longer than my Seche Vite, but it did work well enough.
The polish color I got is called Char and in the bottle it looks purple, but on the nails it is a navy creme and perfect for fall.
The Bali Bread Bracelet is hot pink for breast cancer.
The size of it is honestly rather small which is disappointing.

It is such a pretty bracelet that I wished it fit better.
I have tried this NYX Colletion Noir Liquid Liner a few times and to be honest I do not like it one bit.  The eyeliner is a pain to get off (it comes off in flakes and I have to scrub to get it off) and the brush is already broken, you can see in the picture it is split and I have tried everything to fix it.

The pigmentation is good, but it's not overall it's not something I will continue using.
The box also came with the Smokey Eyeshadow palette from NYX.  Again this product was very disappointing.  the shades look nice in the package, but not outside of that.
I found the colors very chalky and they creased badly on my lids, with a primer they fared a bit better.
the colors all look muddy and not as they do in the palette either whether swatched on my arm or on my lids.
Overall I am displeased with the NYX products I received.

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disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing/mentioning here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.