Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GlossyBox September 2013

This month's GlossyBox had a lot of great items.  I am pleased with pretty much everything in the box.

 I love this graphic on the card for this month.  I actually took a picture on my phone and made it my background.
Here is the back of the card and information on this month's theme.

This is the inside of the card with a full listing of the products and information on them.
 I have not used Nioxin Diamax yet. It is supposed to give you a fuller looking head of hair by increasing the thickness of each hair strand.  I don't really have thinning hair, but I might try this out to add some fullness.
 I like the idea of the Oceane Makeup Remover Pen, but it is rather messy.  I can also not find this pen at all to buy in the US.  ELF cosmetics has a similar one that you can buy.
I have used this quite a few times and find it works better to get stray mascara off my lids than it does to clean up say liquid liner.  It can get messy, but all you need to do is clean up any mess with a tissue and it comes right off.
Ultimately I like the idea of this, but the execution is not quite there for me.  I would probably use a brush with a bit of make up remover instead when this runs out.
I love Emite Makeup Professional Eyelash Curler.  It does not pinch my eyelid at all.  I also love that it came with three replacement guards.  This curls my lashes and keeps them curled all day. 
I absolutely love this scent from BCBGMAXAZRIA.  Bon Gengre Eau de Parfum spray comes in a handy travel size and is great to throw in my bag for travel and everyday.  It is not an overpowering fragrance at all and can be worn for day or night.  It also lasts all day so you don't need to reapply it.
The Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner Pen is like a felt tip marker.  I find that this is a bit dry so it tends to drag across the lid which I do not like.  I would not purchase this product myself and won't be using it.  I will stick to my liquid liners as opposed to this pen.
If you like the pen then you can see it does have good pigment and you can do a fat and thin line with it. 
Here is the cat peeking around the corner of the box.

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