Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fall Favorites: September Issues, Home Decorations, and Polish

I think one of my very favorite things about Fall coming is the September magazine issues.  These are all the ones I get (too much, nah, I don't think so!).  Vogue was particularly good (and large) this year.

In Fall I go for darker tones on my nails.  I love deep colors with a spash of metal looking polishes on an accent nail.  

From left to right: butter London's The Old Bill, OPI's Russian Navy- Matte, Revlon Colorstay's Rain Forest, SpaRitual's Spice of Life, and Julep's Lucy.

From left to right: Essie's Carry On, Power Clutch, and Penny Talk.

The cat on the left I have had since I was very little and this pillow I just got at CVS this weekend.

This pillow is a similar style to the other one and again was purchased at CVS.

The Cat and Owl are together and I bought them at Christmas Tree Shops last year or the year before.  The baskets and skull goblet I bought at either CVS or IParty a few years ago.

This picture was actually on a card I gave J last year for Halloween.  It says "Under Your Spell".  I loved it and wanted to put it up and think it looks great in this frame.

The spooky tree on the left I believe is from Target a few years ago and the sparkly "spooky" cat I got at Stop and Shop a week or two ago.

These happy ghost lights I bought at Target a few years ago.

These window decals I got a Shaws or Stop and Shop last year.  They are very delicate, but still very sticky and will probably last for years to come too.

The bronze owl I bought at CVS this weekend.  I am still trying to find a spot to put him, but he works here for now.

This dish I got at CVS last year and we use it to throw our sunglasses and other loose items on when we get home as it is right by the front door.

This goofy owl guy I got at Christmas Tree Shops last year.  The stand says "Halloween is a hoot!".

This ceramic mini candle holder is from Bath and Body works and it is so pretty and perfect for their mini candles.  I particularly like this because it's not strictly fall so we can keep it up year round.

This looks very similar to one I saw at Pier 1 for about ten times the price.  This guy was two or three dollars at Stop and Shop and we got him a few weeks ago.

I got these glittery cutouts to hang up, but just haven't got around to it yet.  They look sort of vintage which I love.

I am by no means finished decorating for Fall or Halloween, but I figured I would throw up what we have done so far.

Here is Kitty getting settled in to sleep on the couch as I was taking some pictures.

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