Sunday, September 22, 2013

Document Your Autumn Day 1

I saw a post on tumblr about documenting your Autumn 2013.  It starts today (First Day of Autumn)!

Today's was to write out a list of all the things you plan to do this Autumn.  
These are all the things I plan and want to do.

In case you cannot read my writing here is my list!
1) Visit Salem, MA
2) Jump in crunchy leaves
3) Carve/paint a pumpkin
4) Make a pumpkin pie
5) Visit the Big Apple (a farm in MA)
6) Get an autumn hair change (already planning this and I am excited and nervous!)
7) Collect Fall leaves
8) Have way too many PSL's (from Starbucks and Panera)
9) Burn lots of Fall candles
10) Make homemade pumpkin lattes
11) Take lots of pictures
12) Have fun at Disney in October
13) Eat tons of apples

This is a 45 day project so expect one of these everyday for the next 45 days!