Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Favorites: Accessories

This is the second installment of my fall favorites and these are my favorite fall accessories.  I switch handbags fairly often so I did not include one, but here are a few other things I wear mainly in fall (some stretch to winter too).

I love these feather and chain earrings.  I think I got them at Forever 21 or Target quite a few years ago now.  They look great with a snood and my hair in a high bun.  

I got these Tory Burch earrings in May, but the burgundy color is perfect for fall.

I got this statement flower ring a few years ago at Forever 21.  I usually wear it on my right pointer finger.  It used to be gold, but now it is a brass color because it is cheap and I wear it a lot.

These scarves Jeremy's Mom, Lin, has made me for the past two Christmases.  I absolutely love them both and am so excited for cooler weather so I can wear them.

They grey one on the left above is from last winter and has pretty clear, champagne, black, and grey shiny beading through the netted part.  It looks great with a plain shirt and boots.  The scarf on the right above is from the Christmas before last and I love wearing it on extra cold days as it is less delicate than the gray, but the multi-colors make it go with everything and it is unbelievably warm.

I also like wearing these two snoods I got three years ago in the winter.  I got them off Piperlime and they are by the brand Tinley Road.  These are very cozy and keep my neck warm on colder days.  I  have it in a dark heather gray and light heather gray so they go with everything.  

I love slippers and these are a pair that I love wearing in fall.  My Mom got me these a few years ago for Christmas and they are so cute and comfy.  I have an obsession with sheep and hot pink so these are perfect.  They are also warm and have non-slip grips on the bottom so my clumsy self does not fall in them.

Here is the cat trying to be cute while I take pictures (okay...maybe she is succeeding...).

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