Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Path We Take (written: Oct 29, 2007)

Take a walk through frosty grass
Leaving Footprints
As you go,
Crunching leaves underfoot,
Dew laden blades seeming silver-green

Haze covered landmark horizons
Loving new birds
Dew birds, South
Light gleaming through the incandescence

Passion take over, Invasion
Mind, Muddled, Mazes,
Mostly amazing entities encircling
Those daylight dreamers
Squishy bats for hours of darkness
Radiance by fairly elegance

Moon shimmering stars
Those little wings beating
Like a heart, loving, passion, heart

Dewy nights bring hazy masked days
For those who walk through frosty grasses
Leaving traces of their minds
As they wander

For heavily veiled
Orange, Black, Golden Eye glass
Seeing, Sensing, Swarming
Those seemingly endless nights
Into impossibly shortening days

Minds that wander through these
Depth filled nights
Will always come back to short
Blissful days that keep the psyche

By those see through wings
As though,
You know, I know,
The secrets of those walks,
Those squishy bat nights.

Notes: The first two lines were written on a dove wrapper that I had in college and I kept it (still have it).  I loved what it said and kept thinking about it so I had to write about it.  This is the result.
Also please do not use or change with out my express permission.