Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bauble Bar July Makeover Box (and sunglass exchange from Summer Fab Fit Fun Box)

I bought Bauble Bar's July make over box because I had never noticed this before and I love limited edition boxes.  It is still available, you can get it here!

 I love how bright and colorful everything is with Bauble Bar.
Here is the card that goes over the July essentials.
 Here are the rest of the items in the box.
Such sweet notes from The Swat Team and The Bauble Bar Team!

 This was my secret bonus bracelet.  I love the color of it.   
Unfortunately I am not able to find this minty-seafoam colored bracelet on their website, but they do have a similar one in pink.
 The RuMe bag is very versatile.  It suggests using it for snacks or makeup for traveling or for school even.  I love the design on this one and you can get one very similar just without the Bauble Bar logo on it.
The box also includes the Intelligent Beauty Labs Rescue Reparative Serum.  This leaves my hair soft and reduces my frizz.  I would recommend this to anyone with dry or damaged hair.
 I normally reach for more traditional style glasses like wayfarers, but I like how these Polette glasses are fun and funky and pink!
I also like the fact these come with a cloth case and cleaning cloth and the cleaning cloth has an adorable design.

 I am obsessed with statement necklaces lately so I was most excited about this item in the box.  It took me so long to pick a color, but I finally decide on the yellow one.
The creamy yellow combined with the shiny emerald and light green, and clear stones is a very lovely combination.
These are the exchanged sunglasses for the ones I received previously in my Summer Fab Fit Fun box (Sign up for the VIP Box here!).  I must have a massive head because these ones are still a bit tight. and the lenses much too small.  I am thinking about giving them to my half-sister as she's young and they should fit her.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing/mentioning here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.