Friday, June 7, 2013

Birthday Presents from my Family

Here are the remaining birthday presents I got from my family.

I have been due for a new phone since last December, but I kept trying to decide what phone I wanted.  When it got close to my birthday I finally decided on the iPhone 5.  I am so happy with my decision, this phone is amazing.
 My Mom also picked me up some products from Happy Hounds Honey.  My Mom's friend owns the company and they make honey and honey products locally.  This skin treatment is amazing for my dry skin.
 I cannot get enough of these soaps.  This Lemongrass one smells amazing and leaves my skin silky soft.
This mango tea soap is also amazing and leaves my skin so smooth.
When I got to my Dad's to celebrate my birthday I didn't have a case yet for my phone.  My bonus mom, Lil, (that's what we call my step-mom) gave me a case my half sister Sophie didn't want.  I was beyond excited because it's a pink Otterbox!

My Dad didn't have time to get me a present (he travels a TON for work) so he gave me some spending money.  With that I got some leggings and a sweatshirt from Threads for Thought.  I also got a few light long sleeve shirts and cardigans from Old Navy.

 I also bought these adorable earrings from Bauble Bar.
They're Jaguars!  They gold ones I got are sold out, but they still have them in silver.

 I picked up a few things at J.Crew Factory too.
These earrings that I have been completely obsessed with.  I wear them almost everyday.  I featured them in my May favorites post I love them that much!
This chain necklace is so pretty and delicate.  It gives a great pop of color and interest to any outfit.

Jeremy's parents gave me an amazon gift card towards getting a new digital camera.  I had first ordered a different one that ended up being out of stock.  After further searching I found this camera and bundle on Amazon and went with it.  One thing not pictured is that this bundle also came with a 16gb memory card.

The camera I decided on is the Canon Powershot Elph 115 IS in pink (obviously).

Oh that pearly pink color is so lovely.

I like that the camera is not huge and thick or bulky in any way.  The display on the back is large which makes taking pictures and viewing pictures I have taken so easy.  It doesn't have a ton of settings or buttons which is good with making it super simple to use.

The bundle came with a 3 piece deluxe cleaning kit which is always good to have.

It also came with an additional rechargeable battery which is great because it's always a good idea to have a backup.

It also came with this black waterproof carrying case.   I find this case rather bulky, on vacation I will definitely use it, but in the meantime I also got another case.

I picked up this hot pink case (not part of the bundle) from case logic on amazon as well which has a lot of padding without being too bulky.  It has a pocket on the front to put extra batteries or memory cards which is nice.

The last part of the bundle was this small tripod.  If I ever start doing youtube videos this will come in handy.

It is so easy to connect to the camera which makes it even better.

Here's the cat being a pain and laying on the boxes and playing with the ribbons the second I turn my back to get something else.

So those are all my birthday presents!  If you want to see any further reviews let me know.  
disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.