Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birthday Presents from my Boyfriend, Jeremy

I am so late on getting around to posting these, but here are my birthday presents from my boyfriend.  In a post that will go up tomorrow I will have what my other family and relatives got for me.

For my birthday he took me to Target.  I love Target, but he doesn't so much because I end up spending so much time in there!

First thing he got me is this gorgeous Eiffel Tower lamp.  We've needed a lamp for a table/storage cubes in our living room and when I saw this I had to have it.

It's so perfect and I love the linen look to the lampshade.  I also have my Bath and Body works Paris Daydream candle lit next to it, yep I am that lame.

Here's one more shot of it for good measure.

He also got me some picture frames, a few I set up next to the lamp.  I've had a lot of loose pictures that I have been meaning to put into frames and I'm glad I can finally showcase them in the apartment.

Here are some more of the picture frames he got me and you can see a few in the back too on the windowsill.

He also got me a few cosmetic bits.  I got Yes To face wipes and a new exfoliating loofa.  They also had quite a few No7 products which is a brand from Boots in the UK.  I got their Beautiful Skin face wipes, Face Scrub and Mask, and the Radiant Glow Concealer.

The Yes To face wipes are amazing.  They get everything off and refresh my face.  The loofa is very exfoliating and helps to make my skin very soft.  I have not used the No7 face wipes yet.  I love the face scrub as it makes my face so soft and has really helped to cut down on my blemishes.  The concealer works well to brighten, not as well as YSL's, but it definitely does the job.

 He also got me a few t-shirts and a floral tank top.  Yep, that's the cat in the Must Have box, she loves it so we couldn't throw it away on her.

He also got me this adorable owl jewelry stand.  It is now full, but here it was when I was getting it set up.

Just look at how absolutely cute they are!

This is the Manatea tea infuser.  It's seriously so damn cute!

Look at him in there! So cute!

This little guy came in the shipment with the Manatea.  He has now made a home scaling the Eiffel Tower lamp.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

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