Wednesday, May 22, 2013

These are a few of my...

Here's a bit of a listed out get to know me.  These are just a few of my favorite thing...
Floral Flair Dress on Modcloth

Floral Patterns

 Bright Colors

Shiny Things (I love this bracelet from ILY Couture)

 Pink Things

Victoria's Secret Everything
A Beautiful Mess

Cheese Platters

Birch Trees



Vera Bradley (I love this duffle from them and the Baroque print is gorgeous!)
Lovely Art

Shabby Chic


My boyfriend's amazing homemade tomato sauce (we only ever use Cento tomatoes for his sauce)

Chai with Soy milk iced

Tea and Tea parties and tea sets


 Kitties (this is my kitty, Amorette, we call her Lambie or Kitty)

Hearts (hence why my first tattoo was three hearts that are pink)

 French Macaroons
 Anything French really
Italy and anything Italian
Irish anything

Wearing leggings and sweats out of the apartment
Cute anything
VS Yoga Leggings

Leggings (the VS yoga leggings are my favorite, not sheer at all and so comfy)

Handbags (I love my Emerald Cambridge Satchel Company bag)

 Saffron Rice

 Perfume (I am loving this See by Chloe perfume lately)



Scarves (particularly this orange and fuchsia elephant scarf from Stella and Dot)

Comic Books (yep I'm nerdy)

Cupcakes (LOVE cupcakes)
Martha Stewart Supplies

Office Supplies

Video Games (I recently got the new Tomb Raider game for my PC and I LOVE it!)

Music (I love Taylor Swift, but I also love a lot of other music)

Breast Cancer Awareness/Support

Cooking/Baking (we bake cookies every Christmas!)

Learning new things

Shopping (duh why didn't I think of this one earlier?)

 Subscription Boxes (haha duh again!)