Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My 25th Birthday!

I woke up on my Birthday to a beautiful sunny day outside.  The cat was happily sitting in the window (you can see her shadow above on the ceiling).
Then my boyfriend took my out to one of my favorite breakfast places, Spot, for fresh bagels and yummy iced coffee.  They make the best chocolate chip bagels!
My Mom had flowers sent to the florist down the street so we went and picked those up.  It had beautiful big white hydrangeas and bright pink roses (two of my favorites).
Here they are in the vase I put them in and they've relaxed a bit and look lovely.
My boyfriend, Jeremy, bought me a beautiful bouquet of white roses, pink colored daisies, white daises, and pink carnations.  The pink dyed daisies turned the water pink in the vase which I loved.
Here's the cat being a goober in the deflating blow up mattress we had set up for my brother to stay over.
I made the boys (Jeremy on the left and my brother Drew on the right) take a picture with me at the restaurant.
We had amazing burgers and fries for lunch at the Met Bar and Grill.
To end the day we had Hannaford's chocolate cake with pretty pink best creme icing and star candles.

I had a lovely birthday and will post my birthday gifts I received soon.