Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 Beauty Box 5

I recevied my Beauty Box 5 in the mail for this month and I am largely unimpressed.  I have never been blow away by any of these boxes and this one might be the end for me.

The box had 5 items this month and none of them are that appealing to me other than the La Fresh wipes.

 This Cool Way hair product smells like chemicals, really bad chemicals that should not be going into my hair.  I do not think I will end up using this as the smell of it is just so off putting.  This stuff says it will help to keep your hair from getting damaged from heat, but I am more concerned about it damaging my hair from the chemicals in it.
 This is a Model Co eye black eye pencil.  I do like the feature it has where the sharpener is on the lid and it is rather creamy so it goes on smoothly.
 Here are some swatches so you can see the pigmentation and the line.  It goes go on rather thick and the middle line is the thinest I could get it to go, but it does go on very easily.  Though when I was putting it on the tip broke right off which is probably a downside to the creamy-ness of the product.
 This is the third mineral eye shadow I have received, but this time it is from the company Ferro Cosmetics.
 This one came in the color Golden Cinnamon and is supposed to be "3 in 1", but the website doesn't elaborate on what it is supposed to do.
 The color is a pretty soft brown-bronze color with a bit of gold glittery shimmer in it.  This stuff makes a complete mess and half of it ended up on the floor when I dipped my brush in so I used my finger, which also then made a mess.  I like the color and it has good pigmentation, but I hate the packaging.
 These La Fresh Antiperspirant wipes are great to have on hand especially during the hotter months.  I  threw them in my purse/gym bag for when I need it on the go.

The Jean Pierre Self Tan Wipe claims to be streak free and usable on face and body.  I do not often use tanning towels as I  have tried and come out streaky, but I will give these a try and see how they work.

Let me know if you would like to see any further reviews on any of the products in this box or any other box I have received!

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disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.