Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Etsy Haul: Bratcher Sundries and Modern Memo

I recently received a few purchases that I made on Etsy.  If you have never been on Etsy...go right now, I'll wait.  Did you go? Do you love it?  There are so many amazing sellers with great products.  Alright, yes, there are also duds, but there are a lot of amazing items as well.

I recently got my purchase from Bratcher Sundries.  I had received samples from them and that sparked me to want to get some soaps.

 I purchased the Wakeup Rosemary soap that is amazing.  I have one in the shower and one on the bathroom sink.  It smells so amazing and is not drying at all (no residue like some soaps
With the order the shop has a special promotion where you receive a surprise gift with your order, this promotion is currently still going on so go put in an order while there are still surprise gifts left!  I received two little jars one in green and one in blue.  I immediately thought one would look lovely on my vanity with some spray roses.  This you can see at the right.  It is so darling and I love having some flowers in there.

The little blue one I put a tea light in and also placed that on the my vanity.  I love how they look!  They are the perfect size for my space and I love that they were my special gift!

I also purchased two cards from Modern Memo.  I bought them with the intention of framing them and not giving them to someone as greeting cards.  I placed them on the top of my vanity and love how they look.  I think they are just the perfect touch.  The Happily Ever After is such a sweet saying and I love the gold color and the beautiful font.  50% of the money from the Boston one on the right was donated to The American Red Cross for disaster relief which is part of why I picked that one up.

They are beautiful embossed images onto the heavy card-stock.  They would be beautiful as cards, but I love them framed.
She also included this beautiful thank you card for me that is going to be lovely for someone!
disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

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