Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week has been very difficult to get through because my Grandpa Joe passed away on Friday and we had his services on Monday and Tuesday.

Here are a few things that distracted me this week.

Favorite Wanderlust: Paris
Favorite Squee: Singing Kitty
Favorite Sweet: Lemon Cupcakes with Strawberry Frosting
Baked Perfection
 Favorite Quote: Be a Unicorn
Free People

Favorite Floral: Flowers in a pretty teapot
The Cinderella Project
Favorite D.I.Y.: Braided Rope Necklace
Lovely Indeed
Favorite Art: Inslee

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

Rest in Peace

I've talked a bit about how my Grandpa Joe has been sick with cancer.  Last Friday it finally took him.

I've been rather silent this week and that is why.

I will get back to regular posting, but it's taking time for me to have the energy to do any posts.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 Beauty Box 5

I recevied my Beauty Box 5 in the mail for this month and I am largely unimpressed.  I have never been blow away by any of these boxes and this one might be the end for me.

The box had 5 items this month and none of them are that appealing to me other than the La Fresh wipes.

 This Cool Way hair product smells like chemicals, really bad chemicals that should not be going into my hair.  I do not think I will end up using this as the smell of it is just so off putting.  This stuff says it will help to keep your hair from getting damaged from heat, but I am more concerned about it damaging my hair from the chemicals in it.
 This is a Model Co eye black eye pencil.  I do like the feature it has where the sharpener is on the lid and it is rather creamy so it goes on smoothly.
 Here are some swatches so you can see the pigmentation and the line.  It goes go on rather thick and the middle line is the thinest I could get it to go, but it does go on very easily.  Though when I was putting it on the tip broke right off which is probably a downside to the creamy-ness of the product.
 This is the third mineral eye shadow I have received, but this time it is from the company Ferro Cosmetics.
 This one came in the color Golden Cinnamon and is supposed to be "3 in 1", but the website doesn't elaborate on what it is supposed to do.
 The color is a pretty soft brown-bronze color with a bit of gold glittery shimmer in it.  This stuff makes a complete mess and half of it ended up on the floor when I dipped my brush in so I used my finger, which also then made a mess.  I like the color and it has good pigmentation, but I hate the packaging.
 These La Fresh Antiperspirant wipes are great to have on hand especially during the hotter months.  I  threw them in my purse/gym bag for when I need it on the go.

The Jean Pierre Self Tan Wipe claims to be streak free and usable on face and body.  I do not often use tanning towels as I  have tried and come out streaky, but I will give these a try and see how they work.

Let me know if you would like to see any further reviews on any of the products in this box or any other box I have received!

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disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

May 2013 GlossyBox

I already got my May GlossBox in the mail, it feels really early this month even though the month is almost over.

 The box came with two coupons this month which is pretty generous.  One is for a free wax from Wax Center and the other is for a free Shaper or Shaper+ with any $15 Sebastian purchase at Ulta.
 This box is celebrating GlossyBox's 1 year anniversary!
 Here is the card going over everything in the box.  I have to say I am very impressed with the box this month.
 The Color Control Cushion Compact by Amorepacific is a great multitasker.  It has SPF 50 for protection, anti-inflammatory properties, fantastic coverage, green tea to brighten, and bamboo sap to hydrate.
 This color does match my skin tone very well and is in the color #106.  The size of this is perfect for getting around my eyes to brighten and hydrate and also great for dabbing on.  It is very compact so I can throw it in my purse for use on the go and for travel.

 The Etre Belle Collagen and Aloe Very Hydro Mask is supposed to reconstruct and moisturize your face. It gives a tip to use it before bedtime to reap the optimum benefits.  I plan to use this tonight as I have a long day of traveling tomorrow and will need to look hydrated and fresh.

I received the Exfoliate and the Slow It Body Lotion by European Wax Center.  The Exfoliate says it can be used on the face or any where else as it is gentle.  I will probably use this on my elbows or hands where I tend to get dry skin. The Slow It Body Lotion is supposed to keep skin soft while decreasing hair length and density which is never a bad thing.
 The My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer is supposed to be hydrating, but not greasy.  It seems to have pretty good reviews online so I am excited to try this out especially with summer upon us.
 I absolutely love this Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick!  I just love that all the perfumes in this line get their scent inspiration from New York.  The fact that this is a solid scent stick also makes it practical to take with me as liquids always leave me worrying they will spill.
 The one I received is Parc de 59 which is inspired by Central Park.  It is described as, "a surprisingly light and radiant breath of fresh air. Gentle green tea echoes crisply, sweet and floral notes for an amazingly refreshing combination".
This Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray is supposed to give both volume and softness to hair.  You can use it on damp hair and either blow dry it for extra volume or air dry it for enhanced waves and curls.

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disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

May 2013 Ipsy Bag

Here is a look at everything in the bag for ipsy for May.  I had stopped ipsy for a few months because I wasn't enjoying my bag every month, but when I saw the Zoya polish for this month I signed back up.  The bag this month is a bright zigzag pattern which is not my favorite, but it is not terrible either.

These are the cards going over the items in the bag as well as a coupon for NuMe.

I love the Zoya polish I got in my bag.  I was hoping I would get the pink one and I am very pleased that I did.

This is in the shade Gie Gie and is an opaque shimmery pink.  The color goes on well and only after two coats did it look as perfect as the picture on Zoya's website.

This Pacifica perfume in Tahitian Gardenia is a very strong scent.  I did like it, but applied very sparingly. The website describes the scent as, "This heady, vintage-inspired blend showcases the sacred Gardenia bloom, a symbol of love, unity, grace and strength. It's sweet, smooth and slightly citrusy aroma is reminiscent of Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Tea Leaves."

I don't often use brow products as my brows are pretty thick and only need a bit of water to lay them flat in the morning if they are unruly.  The smell of the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel is very strong so I'm not sure that I will end up using it at all.

This Yaby Concealer is a good match for my skin tone which was a pleasant surprise.  

It also gives great coverage which is nice for any red spots or discoloration on my face.  Mine came in the color buff which is a pretty good match for me.

 This Mirabella lipstick is a very sheer and offers more of a bit of subtle shine to lips than much else.   It did seem a bit frosty to me which I don't particularly care for much.
Mine came in the color Bellarina and I don't plan to use this much as I do not like frosty or too glittery/shimmery finishes to my lips.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week has been a challenging week for me.  My Grandpa Joe's systems are failing so he won't be with us too much longer.  I am going to head to New York tonight to get see him.

Even on my saddest days here are a few things that made me smile.

Favorite DIY: Keyboard Kitty!
Urban Threads
Favorite Quote:
Helt enkelt
Favorite Outfit: This looks so comfortable and chic

Favorite Recipe: These look so yummy!
With a CH
Favorite View: Nantucket Cottage
Favorite Beauty: Minimal Makeup
Buy Now, Blog Later
Favorite Arm Candy: Beautiful Cognac Chanel Purse

Favorite Sandal: I love these neutral sandals, the beading makes them proper for dressing up or down
Favorite Blooms: Ranunculus
Wedding Chicks

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.