Monday, April 29, 2013

HauteLook & Nordstrom Fragrance Beauty Bag

I always love fragrance samples and when I saw this beauty bag on Hautelook for 9 deluxe fragrance samples I immediately jumped on and bought it.  The makeup bag it came with is navy and white striped and is a decent size.  It will be good for throwing essentials in to put in my beach bag this summer.  For the fragrances, I already know I love some of these and others I was very excited to try out.

The bottle on the Jimmy Choo Flash is so pretty.  It's a lovely light fragrance.  I love the glittery box too.  I really enjoy the jasmine and pink pepper notes in this one.  It's more of a night out fragrance in my opinion.

There has not been a Juicy fragrance that I don't love.  The Viva La Juicy is a pretty girly scent.  The gardenia and orchid are nice floral notes.  I love the jewel shaped bottle topper too.  This is an every day fragrance.
I have heard so much about the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume from various places on the internet so I was very excited that this was included.  I love that the bottle looks like a pretty little grenade (it is flowerbomb afterall).  The freesia, orange blossom, and rose in this are alluring.  I like this for an everyday perfume, but for all the hype it got it's not one a super favorite of mine.

Let me start by saying this Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline perfume was quite difficult to get open.  The creators apparently anticipated issues as the lid of the box has a diagram of how to remove the top of the bottle.  That all being said I do love the unique design of this one.  The neroli, peony, and lily of the valley notes in this one make it actually one of my favorites out of all the perfumes.  The challenges one might have with the bottle are well worth it.  This is an everyday perfume.

The Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette is a very clean and lightly floral fragrance.  This is also one of my very favorites in the collection.  The bottle has a slight pink tinge which is very pretty too.  I enjoy the pear nectar and tiger orchid notes in this and use it for any everyday perfume.

The bottle on the See By Chloe perfume is one of my favorites; I just love the simple design of it.  I had smelled this in magazines and never like it, but getting it and actually wearing it I love this scent. The ylang ylang and apple blossom are really lovely scents.  This is a great slightly floral girly scent to wear everyday.

Balenciaga's Florabotanica is a captivating mix of carnation, turkish rose essence, and white amber (among a few others).  It's name is very fitting as it is a beautiful floral scent, but with a bit of edge.  I love the black and white lines of the topper and the almost tattoo-esque design of the flowers on the box.
Donna Karan Woman scent is rather strong.  This is my least favorite of all the scents.  I tend to lean towards light floral very girly scents.  This is a very sultry scent.  I'd say maybe for a night out I'd wear this, but maybe not then.  I think it's the sandalwood that I find a bit too overbearing.  I know many people enjoy this fragrance, it's just not for me.  I will say the bottle is very intriguing and looks like a small sculpture which I rather like.

Ever since I tried a small sample vial of Clinique's Happy last year I have been in love with it.  This is the only sample that actually has a spray, the rest you have to drop/dab on.  I love the floral notes and the hint of ruby red grapefruit.  This is a longstanding favorite of mine and is perfect for spring and summer as it's such a bright and cheery fragrance.  I'll say this was the deal breaker that got me to buy the whole set, just for this guy right here.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

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