Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

Hey All!!  I know it's Saturday, but I didn't have time to post last night.  We were hunkered down in our apartment watching the news.
As I've stated my boyfriend and I live about 15 minutes from Boston so it was very stressful yesterday and last night.
I can say I am breathing a huge sigh of relief now.

So without further ado, here are my Friday Favorites for this week.

Favorite Feeling: Pride.
In all the law enforcement who worked so hard and tirelessly until the job was done.
In everyone in Boston for standing together and strong.
In the world who has shown unending support.

Favorite Blooms: Gorgeous Ranunculus
Piece of Cake/ Peace of Mind
Favorite Graphic: Beautiful graphic in French essentially meaning "to see through rose colored glasses" by Kate Wong
Lovely Indeed
Favorite Frock: Gorgeous dress from Lesley Evers
Lesley Evers
Favorite Laugh: No one ever says my name right and it's not even that hard!
Buzzfeed Article
Favorite D.I.Y.: Polka Dot Tray
For Chic Sake
Favorite Squee: Adorable snuggle cat

In special mention, let us never forget the four beautiful people who lost their lives this week because of the bombings and confrontations with the two terrorists.  Let us also never forget those who became dismembered and will have completely new lives.  Let us never forget how strong we all were in the face of this tragedy.  Boston Strong!