Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bratcher Sundires Samples

I recieved a bunch of really fantastic soap samples from Bratcher Sundries.  I've been using them for a bit so I could give a proper review. 
If you want to purchase any of the soaps I am mentioning you can visit her Etsy shop.
I was surprised by the large amount of samples she included, but also very thankful as it gave me to try out a bunch of different scents.
Some of the soaps have glitter in them which is a lovely touch too.
All of the soaps are shaped beautifully too.
I love the soaps all so much I had a very hard time finding just one favorite, but I'd have to say I love the lavender, energy, and honey ale the best. The others are still fantastic too though.

I was so impressed I ordered the rosemary soap from the shop as rosemary is one of my very favorite scents.

The honey ale has blue and green glitter in it and a white soap base. This is a shea butter honey ale scented soap and is very mosturizing.

Vanilla oak has a creamy base and blue glitter in the top.
The energy scented soap is one of my favorites and it's a very wake you up kind of scent, but in a good way.

Celestial waters is a very pretty cerulean with blue and white glitter.

Morning Apple is a lovely refreshing apple scented soap.
I love this lavender soap quite a bit.  I really love the scent of lavender and find it very relaxing.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.


  1. Thank you so much for the compliments!!
    Bratcher Sundries loves you!!! :)

    1. And I love Bratcher Sundries! I can't wait to get my Rosemary soap!!