Monday, April 1, 2013

April's Here & Flower Appreciation!

April will hopefully bring much warmer temperatures and bluer skies!  It has been so gray and snowy in New England and it's been a very long winter, I am very much looking forward to some beautiful Spring flowers!
In appreciation of Spring flowers, here are some of my favorite pictures of flowers...

I love these gorgeous pink flowers in a tea tin.  Great way to re-purpose and empty tea tin and the flowers look so charming in it.


One of my favorite ways to arrange flowers are in small groups and in unexpected containers.  Using a teacup or old pitcher gives a way to re-purpose something you treasure, but don't always use and creates another aesthetic focal point in with your arrangements.


Placing bright, tiny groups of various succulents in an unusual planter is a great way to have a very black thumb friendly plant in your home or room and also have another piece of art.


I really adore large bunches of baby's breath ( G. paniculata or gyp).  I find it to be a very beautiful, airy flower and love getting just huge bunches of it to put in a large vase on my kitchen table.  I know a lot of people think it's a terribly ordinary and ugly flower, but I feel they fail to see it's true, delicate beauty.