Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 2013 Beauty Box 5

This is Beauty Box Five's April box.  This is my second box from them and I am so-so on the box this month.
Here is a look at the card in the box to give a bit of information on pricing and the like.

These La Fresh Instant Body Smoother wipes have turned out to be one of my favorites in the box.  I will admit I was skeptical about them, but I used it this morning and was very pleasantly surprised at the results.  It made my dry skin disappear as well as the tension in my neck that was causing an early morning headache.  I really love this one and it will be great to use at any time.  I put the other one in my bag for on the go use.

This is my second favorite thing in the box.  The Minxxette Brush Hanger will make it much easier to clean and properly dry my brushes.
It can also be used to hold a washcloth in the shower or anything else really as it has great grip both with the suction cup and with the "grabbing hands" where you could insert something (where the brush end goes).
I love that I can hang my brushes to dry instead of laying them flat, I feel this gets more moisture out of them.  It's also good for storage for particular brushes that get use everyday to have them in hands reach at all times and this way they're not smooshed together in a drawer.

These Jean Pierre Cosmetics Oil-Absorbing Facial Tissues work well.  The case reminds me of a jumbo sized listerine strips case.  The case works well for throwing in my bag because it's not made of cardboard and can hold up to more jostling.

The Model Co Illusion Lip Pencil is something I probably won't ever use.  I don't line my lips and this felt very drying when I tried it out.

The color also didn't look very natural on me and made me look like I put concealer all over my lips, it was a very bizarre effect.  The nice thing about this pencil if you like to use lip pencils is that he cap has a built in sharpener so that's perfect for ladies on the go.

Last month I got a Brazen eye shadow that I was not keen on and this one is not much different.  The color I received is called Birthday Suit and is a nude, but it has glittery shimmer in it.  This isn't a bad color as neutrals and mineral shadows are two of my favorite things, but I don't like the glitter bits I found in it.
I tried to swatch it, but the swatch didn't come out great (you can't really see the glitter bits). The color can be made dark or light depending on how much is on the brush and how much you blend it out.
If you want to visit their website it's very hard to view.  I've tried it in Firefox and Chrome and it just doesn't show the links or the eye shadows (maybe they're renovating with no renovation signs?).  As I do so much of my shopping online if a company's website doesn't work or look professional I will not buy from them.  Now this could just be me, but it doesn't fill me with confidence if a company has a cruddy looking website.  Okay, sorry, rant done.

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disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.