Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Quarter Fab Fit Fun VIP Box by Giuliana Rancic

For a long time I have been a follower of Fab Fit Fun which is largely in part run by Giuliana Rancic (who is all fab, gorgeous, and amazing).  They came out with quarterly VIP box recently that I signed up for and just got in the mail.  Overall I am very happy with everything in my box.   I will definitely stay on this one as it is only quarterly and had amazing products in it!

Here is the outside of the box.  I love look of it so far!
A letter inside from Giuliana explaining the box and the future of the service.
Here is a look at the front of the card that came in the box.
The Big Reveal!  This is standard in most subscription boxes to review what is in the box.  This one also has a surprise bonus gift that you'll see later.

This was a highly advertised feature in the box.  It is a full size Moroccanoil Treatment (3.4 fl. oz.) that also came with a pump to add to the awesomeness.  This was what had initially sold me on getting this box as the cost of this was more than the whole box already!
I have been out of Moroccanoil Treatment for such a long time so I am so excited to have it again.  I will admit I sort of got WAY too excited about the pump that was included as this just makes it so much easier to use.

I am capital O obsessed with this nail polish.  It is shiny with a bit of sparkle and the perfect shade of fuchsia. This Zoya polish unique to this box as this is the Fab Fit Fun Fuchsia, after their signature color (you can see it in the logo on the box).  All Zoya polishes are perfection though and well worth their cost.

I put this on as soon as I saw it in the box and I just love it.  It only took one coat (no base or top coat) to get the look you see on the right.

I was apprehensive about this Jouer gloss, but it is actually amazing.  It is clear with just a bit of shimmer once it is on and is very hydrating.

This gloss is called "glisten".  I find that to be a perfect name for it as it just makes your lips glisten with a hint of shine and kissableness.

I have received the thinkThin bars in my Pop Sugar Must Have box back in January.  I find them to actually be pretty tasty which is surprising as I do not care for most protein bars.  These don't have too much of that protein bar after taste which I think is why I do like them.

I received these earrings from JewelMint in my box that have dark purple, light green, mint, turquoise, and deep burgundy stones.  These are very pretty and will work well with many outfits.

This necklace, again from JewelMint,  is very unique looking.  My boyfriend actually said he really likes this one on my when I tried it on.  It has light rosey stones and brassy colored chains.  It is pretty long which I like and just looks very different from any other piece I currently own.  It is not something I would have picked out on my own, but I really do like it.

The last thing in the box was my surprise bonus gift.  I have heard a lot about Go Smile being a great whitening product.  This is the Go Smile On The Go Teeth Whitening Pen.  As my teeth are very sensitive I usually have a hard time with whitening products as they can be too severe.  I have been using a better sensitivity tooth paste so I may be able to give this a try.  I do have some discolored spots on my teeth that I hope this can fix.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

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