Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 GlossyBox

I had recently seen a deal on Daily Candy Deals where I could get 3 months of GlossyBox plus a free lipstick/lipgloss combo (if you use Outlook you can get a blush AND lipstick/lipgloss combo).  I had been seeing so many amazing boxes from GlossyBox on youtube and other blogs and this was the perfect excuse to give them a try.  The deal is still going on through April 2nd at 11PM (EST/ETD).  If you have been hesitant this is a great deal to give it a try!
Here's a look at the box inside the shipping box.  I love that the logo is everywhere and there is so much pink!
Every box comes with the GlossyBox Mag which is actually a good sized magazine filled with fashion and beauty trends.  I really like this feature as I do love getting and reading through magazines.
There was even an article on The Blonde Salad, a beyond amazing blogger. It was great to learn a bit more about such a chic, gorgeous blogger.

This is the inside of my box.  I love the pink ribbon and how just luxurious this box feels.  I am definitely going to re-purpose the ribbon for my hair as youtuber Leigh Ann Says often does.

Here is a look inside the card with a bit about each product included in my box.

Here is a look inside my box (keep in mind the lipstick on the far right was a bonus).

First up is the Elite Models Matt Liner in Matt Brown.    This is a dark brown liquid liner that actually comes out nicely.  The applicator has a nice narrow tip to it to make the perfect pointed cat liner.
This is a gel cheek and lip tint from ModelCo. I usually stay away from gel cheek stains as you have to work so fast with them to get them to work and not look like makeup.  It does say to not wipe it on, but to pat or tap it on which did work better than wiping.  I will have a swatch of this and all the other products at the very end.

I love this Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen.  The color I received is Mocha Mauve.  It's a pretty shimmery, bronzey brown.  Pixi's website describes it as a nude-y pink, I don't get much pink from it and it's definitely not as tame as I picture a nude would be.  It's very pretty and the formula of this is creamy and glides on very easily.

Okay, I just have to start by saying this soap smells amazing!  It's a Prestiche soap in Rosechella.  It is a rose soap with plumeria, hibiscus, shea, and a pure blend of beneficial oils. This soap is such a treat as it is very expensive (in my opinion) and it smells like all sorts of floral goodness.  I will definitely be using this when I shower today (TMI?).

I got the Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce hairspray.  As I know I have stated before I do not typically use hairspray.  This one has rave reviews that it provides a non-gummy hold.  It is also supposed to be a build-able hairspray that has a flexible hold.  I will probably give this a go as I do with everything I get, but if I don't care for it my Mum may be getting this as she uses hairspray more frequently than I do.

The last hing in my box was my bonus for getting the deal through Daily Candy Deals.  You can get the Lip Luxe Sets on ModelCo's website or you can get the gloss and lipstick individually.  The lipstick I received is in Dust and the gloss is in Striptease.  The lipstick is very creamy and is a pretty neutral shade of pink.  The gloss is a pretty muted pink as well that is not stick at all which is very nice.

These are swatches I did of the products that are swatchable in the box.
The top is the ModelCo cheek and lip tint.
Next down is the gloss from the bonus.
Followed by a line stripe of the lipstick.
Then I put the lipstick with the gloss on top of it.
Next up is the liquid liner, you can tell a little better in this picture that it is a dark brown.
Last up is the Pixi shadow pen, see not much pink, much more brown.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.