Monday, February 18, 2013

Tea Lover: Flowering Tea

I wanted to give this flowering tea set a try and seeing as how I have today off and could relax I figured it would be a perfect day to test it out.  I am an avid tea drinker.  We have WAY too much tea here from my favorite loose leafs from England to Tetley from the grocery store we have it all.  We actually have a 3 drawer storage unit in the kitchen spilling over with all our tea and coffee.  

The tea I tried today is a rose tea and it is just delicious, very delicate and light so it just needs a bit of sugar.

My Aunt's and my mom gave me two beautiful teacups that were my grandmother's with this tea set so I used one of them today.  It's nice to use something owned by her because it reminds me of her.

I am sure I will do plenty more tea posts as it is something that I just adore.

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