Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Small Haul: Stella & Dot and C. Wonder

Today was an excellent mail day.  I got my Stella & Dot order and my C.Wonder order.
I recently won a giveaway for Stella & Dot and got to pick a few pieces at 50% off.  I was more than thrilled. I got a zebra bangle (still on its way so I will post it when it comes), a ring and scarf.
I am capital O-bsessed with the packaging.  It is just so precious.  Hello gorgeous it proclaims, why thank you! (sorry I am such a dork...haha)
Here is the ring I bought.  I am so in love with it. The green of the center stone and the halo of rhinestones, it just could not be any more perfect.  I got it in a larger size to wear on my pointer or middle finger as to me it just works on those fingers the best.
It is the Suzanne cocktail ring, described as hand cut green glass and cubic zirconium stones ornately set in worn gold plated brass. 
If you go to the site to view the ring you will be able to see why I picked the scarf I will show you soon to go with this ring. 
A sweet little something indeed!
Oh well I do try to be très chic.

Sorry for my awkward claw hand, but this is the ring and scarf in action.  The scarf is their Bryant Park Scarf in Poppy.  It is a lovely deep bright orange with magenta elephants on most of it and a neat geometric square pattern towards the bottom.  
Both the ring and scarf are great quality and do not feel cheap whatsoever. Seriously I love Stella & Dot and I am sure these treasures won't be my last purchases from them.

From C. Wonder I got a latte whipper which I didn't grab a picture of, but I got it because it was cheap (only $1) and awesome.  It is completely sold out on their website it would seem, but you can find similar ones here.
The last thing I got in the mail today are these gorgeous earrings I picked up with the latte whipper on uber sale.
These are the druzy studs in iridescent navy.  I love these because no two can be the same and they are just so beautiful. They really can go with anything and everything and can be a statement in and of themselves if needed.

disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the company's whose products I am reviewing here.  All thoughts/comments/whathaveyou are my own.

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