Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY: Re-purposed Gift Boxes

I got a new Coach purse and new leather boots (Tommy Hilfiger, no link so I will post a picture soonish) for Christmas so my boyfriend bought me Coach's leather cleaner and moisturizer and they came in the gorgeous boxes above.
I didn't just want to throw the boxes out as they were too pretty so I set out to re-purpose them.

All I did was careful dismantle the sides of the box so that it was flat, then I folded the sides up so that the orange outside of the box made the walls for the inside and the Coach logo was at the bottom.  I held it together with some basic scotch tape and voila.  Insta-diy-gorgeous jewelry box.  I also use one to hold some of my makeup.  The bright color is lovely on my vanity.

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